Everyone knows about Affiliate marketing but do you know types of Affiliate Marketing. Read the full article to get a clear understanding.

Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

The Process of earning money through commission by promoting other’s products or other company is affiliate marketing. You can select the products that you like and promote them to others.

However, you can earn some profits for each and every sale that you make is also an affiliate marketing says Pat Flynn, who is an American entrepreneur, blogger, and podcaster. And, he is well known for his website, Smart Passive Income.

How does this affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is viewed as a system which spreads out the product creation and marketing through different parties. As a result, each party share their revenue as per the contribution.

Affiliate Equation has two sides, The product creator and the seller. Therefore, the affiliate marketing system includes advertisers, publishers, and consumers to channelize all the marketing frameworks.

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Types of affiliate marketing

Are you planning to work with affiliates?

Don’t worry there are different types of affiliate marketing through which you can earn good commissions. Some of the affiliate marketing types are as follows.


Who is a webmaster?

A person who is responsible for maintaining one or more than one website at a time is a webmaster. On the other hand, some people like web architects, web developers, site authors, website administrators, website owners, website coordinators, or website publishers are referred to as webmasters.

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What does this webmaster do?

Webmaster has many duties to do. First, he has to ensure that the web servers hardware and software are operated in a correct manner. Secondly, the website must be designed. Thirdly, he has to revise all the web pages, in addition, he has to test A/B, he has to reply to the customer’s comments. Finally, he should examine the traffic through the sites.

Search affiliates

Search affiliate marketing is like the traditional affiliate advertising. But, it is not similar to the leverages search engines like, Google, Yahoo, and Bingo which drives some traffic and conversions for the advertisers.

Meanwhile, this emerged as an advantage to the nascent in-house and other marketing teams. The affiliates ran some campaigns and it fronted just spent ad. It minimizes risk and preserves the ROI of the advertisers.

Moreover, it acts as a natural incentive for the affiliates. It helps you to perform your best capabilities, in order to stop operating in loss because of the inefficient paid search campaigns.


What is a blog?

An online journal or website that contains information in the reverse chronological order, where the latest post will appear at the top is a blog. That is to say, it is a platform for you if you are a writer. It helps you to share your views on your own subject of interest.


Subsequently, bloggers are becoming famous for various reasons. We come across many blogs in our day to day life. So, who are those bloggers?

Who is a blogger?

Individuals who love sharing parts of their own lives with you by telling their own experiences as a blogger. Therefore, you can write your blog on different topics from various fields like arts, home designs, carpentry, and finance articles. But, what is the true definition of a blogger?


Above all, if you run and control your blog, then you are a blogger. You can share your opinion and knowledge on various topics to target the audiences.

Will you be paid if you are a blogger?

Many people have a doubt whether the bloggers are getting paid or not. You can earn money through blogging, but it is not that you will become rich quickly through this profession.

Before you start earning money through your blog, you have to build up both your Google SERPs ranking and your influence. You don’t get money-making opportunities unless you gain some credits in the field.

How to Start a blog on your own?

Do you have any idea about starting your own blog?
If you want to start your own blog it takes only a few steps. First, decide a name for your blog that is your domain name. Choose the best blogging platform according to your needs.

Then go on with a self-hosted platform like wordpress.org. In the next step, choose a web hosting service. If you are a new blogger then we strongly recommend Bluehost, because it powers over 2 million websites around the World.

After the signup process, you will get a free domain name. If you don’t like their service, then they will offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Coupon sites

Do you know what are coupon sites? Have you have a heard about it?

Coupon websites are online advertising sites which uses direct marketing method, to start a group- buying deals. You can develop large customer databases by collecting their names, contact details, and the location from the people who purchase using coupon websites.

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The best coupon sites

Are you in search of the best couponing sites? Don’t worry we will show you some of the best coupon sites. The below-mentioned sites are some of the best coupon sites, which you can use and make your shopping and saving much easier.

  • Swagbucks
  • Ebates
  • Groupon
  • Amazon coupons
  • Coupons.com
  • Hip to save
  • Livingsocial
  • Retailmenot
  • Savings.com
  • Slickdeals

Are coupon website safe?

Coupon code is always free. When you are in search of any website, you come across some websites, which asks for cash, in order to give you a 50% coupon code, then get away from that.

A trusted site that cares about your customers offering coupon codes will never ever try to sell them.

How to get a coupon code?

Are you in need of a coupon code?
The best way to locate a coupon code is, use your favorite and trusted search engine like Google by typing in coupon code. That will generate some of the websites that offer you coupon codes.

Loyalty portals

The key priority for most of the companies is to build a group of loyal customers and to retain the most valuable ones.

Loyalty scheme members are four times better to be repeated by the customers than then non-loyalty members. They offer more visits to the retailers, to make more purchases, and to promote your brand.

How loyalty portal helps you?

It requires a long strategy to build loyalty to access the advanced IT solutions, which requires your customers, who understands the individual needs. It helps you to maintain some active dialogues and rewards for some general and other commercial activities.

The loyalty portal helps you to enable your retail, telecom, and other financial sector organizations to improve customer management. It will reduce that churn through all the well-designed loyalty programs.

Incentive program

Incentive program is specifically used in business management to motivate and encourage employees and in sales to attract and retain customers. An incentive program is a formal scheme used to promote or encourage particular action or behavior by a specific group of people during a defined period. The incentive for also called as increased Commission or Bonus program. This incentive and bonus scheme for affiliates always hits a certain volume of sales to perform certain actions in a given time frame is not hard to do, it is something you can run on an ongoing basis.

In order to achieve the results, you can boost your affiliate with additional products of cash or non-cash that helps in reactivation of performance. It is necessary to find out the type of incentive which produces the best results. It is one of the best ways to ensure that you will get something for your performance.

Performance of Incentive program

This program is a kind of promotional effort if you are a affiliate who teams up with a company. It is done in the notion of increasing sales. Intensive marketing increases competition. Also, you can increase an overlapping effect among the top companies. Your high performance is very important for the success of your affiliate program.

The big incentives bring huge difference in affiliate marketing. Incentive is always a better idea to push your affiliate out for promotions by reminding them very often, as an appreciation for their performance. This type of marketing can be both deliver and destroy value in affiliate programs. It helps your affiliate to try harder when they are encouraged with incentives.

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How to make this incentive program realistic?

If you want to make the program more realistic, and to achieve with some extra effort. Some prefer incentives as cash and some prefer it as a tangible reward. Sometimes offering them non-cash rewards may also improve their performance.

In addition, incentive program development business, tries to motivate and Retreat the affiliates with rewards. Always make your strongest affiliate feel valued. The incentive commission always pushes your affiliate to work better. With high promotion and consistency, this plan can make your company reach a great height.

Program plan

Therefore, an incentive program plan can be classified into two types. They are as follows:
● Individual incentive plan
● Group incentive plan

The individual incentive plan is based on two types, as a time-based plan and an output-based plan.

Similarly, in the group incentive plan, the affiliates are offered with incentives based on their performance and they are highly motivated. Generally, this incentive plan works on the basis, of pay for performance.

Partnership and Business Development

When we start our social journey, we always look for someone who is interested in shaping our strategies through work with external partners.


Always remember, a good partnership is hard to attain, to develop business with minimum network. As a result, one has to set dozens of meeting with higher executives in the industry to build a Global partnership.

It has partners for identifying the development. It offers you opportunities that facilitate the growth of the company’s business development. Also, they maintain good partnership strategies in a critical component of the business plan. Further, it is based on the situation analysis. Likewise, they are directed by the goals articulated in the growth of sales marketing strategy.

How can you develop product marketing?

Moreover, product marketing depends on the marketing sales and growth. Whereas, it’s target to develop the company’s existing strength and network. Also, it helps you to get new contacts. On the other hand, they provide necessary resources, to build key relationships in pursuit of business opportunities.

Standard Growth

The Standard growth strategy is a business planning tool. Also, it develops the revenue streams related to existing products and services. In the same vein, it helps you to identify and execute the development of the new ones.

  • Growth strategy
  • Sales strategy
  • Marketing
  • Technology development.

Growth strategy

However, growth strategy deals with the market penetration. As a result, you can sell existing products or services into existing markets. In addition, it is followed by the market penetration. This is product development.

They introduce new products service into an existing market, in order to increase markets. Meanwhile, it is shared by attracting new customers with new products.

Market development

Gradually, Market development, is where you sell your existing products which moves into a new market. It attracts you towards new customers with existing products. The last one is Diversification, where the new products are brought into new markets.

Sales and Distribution

Certainly, sales and distribution most importantly focuses on the sales and distribution of Business Development strategy. By expanding the distribution network, it involves partnership through the nature of the existing search process. In the same way, distribution elements act as direct sales; resellers and Dealer network; Value-added resellers; Original equipment manufacturer.


As a result, marketing can provide tangible benefits to the partnership. And, it helps you to build a relationship with companies, which deliver valuable exposure at a minimal cost. Probably this kind of marketing can be done with the elements given below,

  • Brand name recognition
  • Event exposure
  • Sales referral programs
  • Custom co-marketing projects.

Technology Development

Though technology development focuses on research, it helps you to analyze the evolution to evaluate. Also, it helps you to improve the business. It implements the best technologies that are available to improve and build competitive advantages continuously. As discussed before, products and services have paid partnerships with other companies. New technologies brought up existing products and services to make better developments.

Problem- solving

Problem-solving ensures that your customers stays with you for a long time without any dislike about your product. Meanwhile, it takes some time to improve the customer’s experience and trust among the customers. Moreover, it Implements the internal development of technology during day-to-day business activities. The goal of this development is to save time and make the business more efficient.

Importance of technology

A Continuous evaluation of new technologies in marketing is necessary for the development of the business. And it is important to develop both investors and banking relationships. This can help you to facilitate long-term growth through financial analyses.

Traditional Media

Traditional media is a non-electric electronic medium. It works as a part of your culture. As well as it is used for transmitting tradition from one generation to another generation. And, it’s main purpose is communication, it helps you to communicate.

Traditional media, in other words, old media represents a form of communication. It is done in many forms like visual, musical, folk, and art. Similarly, it is transmitted to a society or group of society from one generation to another. Therefore, traditional media is best in a localized medium.

How Traditional media is useful to you?

Most importantly, it’s a useful form of communication. Also, it exists in various forms like Drama, Street theatre, Song, Poem, Paintings, Storytelling, Dance, Music, Motifs & Symbols.

Evolution of traditional media

  • Electronic Age
  • Prehistoric Age
  • Industrial Age
  • New or Information Age

New media allows businesses to target on advertisements. Specifically their target is based on consumers depending on their age, gender and marital status. Traditional media turns to be a bit more expensive than your media. It also has the ability to reach a more audience.

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