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Read this blog to know about top Web hosting Sites To understand, how web hosting works, and to identify the bitterness and drawbacks of shared hosting plans.

Hosting provides an interface for managing the webserver. On the Avenue of networking, there were many services and servers takes its form.
Until 1991- there were only fewer web pages all the world-wide-web protocols had only just been returned with slow enhancement there were some openings up of internet access with the confusing situation until 1995. As the users on the World Wide Web grow the pressure for companies was both large and small.

Web Hosting

A collection of Web pages- (specific collection of information provided by and website and displayed to a person who utilizes a network service) and additional content or related information that can be identified by a common representation of an Internet protocol resource or Domain name and published on at least one Web server.

Hosting provides an interface for managing the webserver, and service applications, other modules’ installation. Web hosting services often include a Web content management system.

Web Server

A Web server is a server software or hardware dedicated to running software that satisfies the user’s needs on the World Wide Web. Contains one and more websites. For example, web server: future;

Private Website

A website that can be accessed by all the public is collectively called the World Wide Web, and a website that can only be assessed on a private network is called a private website.

Websites normally deal with different topics of social networking including, news, education, entertainment, databases, etc.


A person who is capable of owning a website is called as a webmaster, they can create a website that can be hosted on the web hosting service’s server and published to the Web by the Web hosting service.

Free Hosting Sites

Geo cites, Angel fire, Tripod is some free hosting sites that can offer free hosting services for the users.

Hence, A customer may choose their kind of hosting service to use according to their requirements. A customer needs to evaluate the requirements of applications to choose.

Sometimes, They may want to have other services for their business, domain, database, or multimedia services, most likely Windows hosting platform is preferable.

Types of Hosting

There are enormous types of hosting which varies greatly by its services.

  • Shared web hosting service
  • Reseller web hosting
  • Visual dedicated server
  • Dedicated hosting service
  • Managed hosting service Qualification web hosting service Cloud hosting
  • Clustered hosting
  • Grid hosting
  • Home server
  • File hosting service(hosts only files) Image hosting service
  • Video hosting service
  • Blog hosting service
  • Paste bin
  • Snapping cart software
  • E-mail hosting service

Shared hosting

A Web that resides in a similar server as several other servers. To tap where to host your website you’re going to have a ton of options at your scraps. On deciding which company to host with, you’ll also have to decide what type of hosting package suits you best.

Generally, you will have no idea who or what websites you are sharing the resources of a server with. This is one of the most popular hosting options for those who are building out their first websites and it is a popular hosting option where a provider hosts multiple websites on one physical web or it allows multiple websites to utilize a single server.

It always lets providers offer stable service at a low cost. Shared web hosting is also called cooperating hosting when the hosting can done privately by sharing the cost of running the server in a collocation center. This kind of hosting promotes you to share hosting space and costs with others, while serviceable from the speed and space you need for your small business website.

It is mandatory to analyze the avails and downsides of sites to run a website properly.

  1. Inexpensive or simplicity, that is very low cost extremely reasonable rate.
  2. Customization (user-friendly control panels) convenience, and instant setup.
  3. Best for tiny internet sites.

A2 Hosting

We have already seen the review of A2 Hosting in the previous post. Now let’s see what does this A2 Hosting means?

A2 Hosting, a web hosting company well known for its high powered and easy-to-use web hosting was founded by Bryan Muthig in 2001 under the original name of Iniquinet. A2’s main goal is to create and maintain a good web hosting company where the staff can use it themselves.

It also offers free solid-state drives, unlimited data storage and transfer, free site migration which loads more. This web hosting was designed to handle a small number of clients.

Later the name was changed to A2 Hosting, which was named after Ann Arbor, Michigan, name of a town where all started. Do You know? For the past 24 months, A2 Hosting has delivered the fastest sever speed since 2001. To know about their customer support, they are the best and they have good developer-friendly hosting plans and they have a unique feature as an anytime money-back guarantee.

A2 Hosting Review

After your first purchase period ends the renewal rates are pretty aggressive. If you are looking for a fast web hosting service at the cheapest price where it has the ability to scale your website once it grows. A2 hosting acts as a very good option.

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In many of our posts, we have seen about the SiteGround Hosting. Let’s have another recap on SiteGround web hosting.

SiteGround one of the famous hosting provider that offers you many hosting options like WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and their servers are very dedicated. The overall rank of the side ground hosting is at the top when compared to the other web hosting companies.

Their customer’s supports are very knowledgeable fast and friendly. They are known for 24/7 support in this hosting industry. WordPress officially recommends this web hosting provider.

Site Ground Review

This hosting has some of the best features like automatic upgrading, inbuilt WP caching, CDN, one-click staging, and GIT version control. They are one of the locations offering companies. They have 6 data centers in various places like the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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Have you ever heard the name GoDaddy? In the previous post we have seen about GoDaddy affiliate, but what is GoDaddy? Is it a trading app? Why confusions, let’s see what is GoDaddy and it’s services.

Maybe you have heard about many web hosting companies, but how special is this GoDaddy web hosting?

GoDaddy an American public trading internet domain registration and a web hosting company. It was found in 1997 in the name Jomox Technologies. Its headquarters are in Scottsdale, Arizona. It incorporates in Delaware.

Affiliate marketing without a website

As per the review, GoDaddy approximately has 18.5 million customers and there are 7,000 and more employees in and around the world.
What is the web hosting GoDaddy known for? It is best known for advertisements on TV and the newspaper. It involves controversies which is related to censorship.

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GoDaddy Services

Talking about their services, it provides many services for their customers through its tools.
GoDaddy Auctions is GoDaddy’s own domain marketplace. You can list their domain names regarding your scales. This service will list some of the domain name auctions from the other registers, because of that thousand of expiring domain names which are valuable go up for GoDaddy auction.

GoDaddy garage is this GoDaddy’s blog name.


DreamHost is a web hosting company that has over 1.5 million size and it is 25 years old. The performance of this web hosting has not gone down that time. It maintains the above-average uptime of 99.94% and the speed of the page is 648 ms.

The main shared hosting plan of the DreamHost includes some of the popular apps like WordPress, which helps you to build your own website with the help of Wix and Weebly.

You’ll get a full 97 days money-back guarantee to test their services. DreamHost customer support is unlimited one website migration is always a feeling it doesn’t allow any other inputs from RDC panel sites and it charges $99 from you.

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HostGator is one of the biggest and oldest of the web hosting companies in the web hosting industry.
Basic shared hosting plans provide you unlimited storage, bandwidth, free domain, and free SSL certificate. They have great customer service support connected through instant live chat and they answer you each question within a few seconds.

Various extra services like backups and security are provided with tacked additional fees. The renewal rates rise after your first term expires. It has a strong and standard uptime of an average of 99.98% for the past 24 months.

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GreenGeeks, found by Trey Gardener in the year 2008. They are now hosting 300,000 websites.
The founder of GreenGeeks Trey has worked with eight different web hosting companies like iPowerweb, iPage, StartLogic, Dot5Hosting, Globat, Lunarpages, Hostpapa and now he has founded GreenGeeks.

Do you have any opinion about GreenGeeks? Do you think they have excellent uptime and support?

GreenGeeks makes two bold claims to go on. The first one is, it claims 99.9% uptime and it claims 100% customer satisfaction. You can set up a basic website using the WordPress test website to test your performance for 24 months.

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WP engine

What is WP engine?

A website hosting provider that aims to provide a good hosting solution for your website, if you are using popular CMS WordPress then it is a WP engine. They give you three main hosting packages.

Always remember, the packages that they provide manages many hosting plans, so that the plans are a bit expensive when comparing it with your budget host. The three main hosting plans are startup, growth, and scale.


Startup plan will allow you to install the most affordable single WordPress site. It comes up with some features and support which helps you to get 25,000 visits per month. Another special thing is you can purchase some affordable plans to host an additional site for a discounted rate.


The growth plan comes up with many extra features, but it takes up a necessary step to support you to get 100000 total visits per month. Using this hosting you can install up to 5 sites on it. The growth plan offers important SSL certificates and it offers you 24/7 phone support.


Scale plan offers you a higher capacity and size limits. This plan designs larger, upcoming, and growing businesses. As the growth plan, it features you up to 400000 visits a month.

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