The best way to earn money from apps

If you want to earn money online by apps then you came to the right place where you get all the information about online earning.


Cash for Apps is the app that allows its users to earn money by downloading other apps and running them. It works are that there’s a list of available apps to download and each app has different points that are paid for downloading them. You can earn approximately $.10- $.50 per app.  What’s good about this app is that its a simple way to make extra money without having to do anything.

How does Cash-for-Apps Pay

This app will pay you when you get points for downloading its apps. Most apps in the list of this pay from 10-70 points, can be earned for either running the app or doing a small task on the downloaded app. These points can be redeemed for gift cards or mobile phone recharge.

FeaturePoints App

FeaturePoints app is the application that you can earn money or redeems gift cards by downloading other apps. It works process is the same as the way Cash-for-Apps works; but if you are looking to get paid in cash for downloading such apps, this is one of the best applications for it.

When you download the app on your Android/iOS device, go to the store page that shows you a list of apps to download. Here you have to earn points for downloading apps from the list, and you use this app for about 2 minutes to earn your points.

How does FeaturePoints Pay

This app pays you though points. You can redeem these points for cash through PayPal, though gift cards or rewards like Amazon gift card, iTunesStarbucks, etc. The downloadable apps which you have downloaded pay you from 50-100 points per download. The user has to collect 600 points to get any reward. Where 600 points equal to $1.

Surveys On The Go

Survey On The Go app is like that the name describes it, a survey taking app that pays you in real cash. Here you get paid when you give surveys on a variety of topics like entertainment, technology, food, etc. The app works on both Android and iOS devices but its only for the users in the US.So once you download the app and sign up for it, you have to first do demographic surveys for $.50. These surveys will help the app to get more surveys for you in the future.

There is so much of a variety of topics you can choose from on the list. You can on your location because to get more targeted surveys. Make sure that you keep online in the app to check if surveys are available or not. How does Survey-On-The-Go PayThis app pay its users through PayPal? The surveys can pay you from $0.25 – $5 each, which is more than any other app will pay you. The minimum withdrawal from this app is app is $10.


CoSign is the best and great app that lets you earn money by uploading photos on social media. The app works by taking pictures of products you like or have and uploading them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest with the description of the product along with its cost. These products can be of any sort, from clothing to tech products to household items, basically just about anything. After you upload the pictures of these products, you have to tag these products from over 1200 retailers on the CoSign app.

This can be done by searching for your product by brand name or retailer and drag/drop the correct name on the picture description. How does CoSign PayThe company pays you through PayPal, Check or gift card? As mentioned before, you earn a 35% commission for every product that sells. And you earn points whenever anyone views the product or buys it, these points can then be traded for cash. The minimum cash out is $40.  So the more products you share then you can earn more.


Fronto is the app that is an Andriod lock screen app that pays you to unlock your phone screen and see an ad. Once you download the app, it starts showing you targeted ads on your lock screen. Whenever you unlock your phone screen, you interact with the ad and you instantly get paid. This app work is that once you download the app, you fill out your profile along with your interests. The app will show you the ads which are related to your interests. And every time you unlock your phone then you earn points that can be exchanged for cash. How does Fronto PayFronto pay its users through PayPal or Amazon Gift card? For every encounter with an ad related to your search, you earn points. Once you get enough points, you can exchange them for cash or gift cards.

This is all apps from which you can earn money. All apps are free to use and very easy to use.


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