Make Money on YouTube

Are you using YouTube just to watch videos? Do you want to make money on YouTube?In this article, we are going to see.

How you can make money on youtube. If you are reading this blog you are eager to start a youtube channel. To create a youtube channel all you need is a gmail Id.

Why should you choose YouTube?

You should choose youtube because Youtube is the second largest search engine. Most of people like watching videos than reading blogs. You can also earn money by doing your hobbies. Many peoples are doing their hobbies and earning money. While you are doing that you won’t get bored or tensed.

You don’t need to depend on someone. It’s not like a 9-5 job you can choose your own time and work. You don’t need to get scold by your boss. You are your own boss.

How to start a Youtube channel?

Step 1: Find what you are good at

Finding your talent, passion, or hobby is the first step in making money on YouTube. Many People start by seeing others. After some days they will lag in content. so choose wisely. As I have mentioned in other blogs. Write 5 to 10 skills, passion, or talent on a paper. Choose one from that.

Some of the YouTube channel ideas


Marques Brownlee is a tech YouTuber.He reviews about gadgets. In the starting stage, you need some investment for buying gadgets. once your channel grew up you will get sponsors. You can also add your affiliate link to the description and earn extra cash.


Food Wishes , Munchies , Binging with Babish are some of the cooking youtube channels. If you are good at cooking you can also start a channel like this. If you are shy you can make videos without showing your face also.


If you are a sports person you can also teach sports. If you are a bodybuilder you can also teach people about building muscles etc.


If you have an interest in playing. YouTube is the right platform for you. Many games are earning money by just playing games. some examples of top gaming channels are JuegaGerman , Fernanfloo , VEGETTA777 . Just think of them they are sitting in a room and playing games. Their earnings are higher than most of us.

Beauty and Fashion

Rclbeauty101 , Zoe Sugg, Bethany Mota are some of the beauty and lifestyle YouTubers.If you are really interested in beauty and lifestyle you can also make channels like this. You can also promote your Affiliate links in the description.


You can give advice on growing animals, birds. Post videos on training of pet animals. You can also review pet foods, cages, and pet accessories. You can also give the affiliate link of the product in your description . some examples for pets channel are The Dodo , Maymo , Tiger Productions .

Gardening and Farming

If you are a farmer or have a home garden. You can also make videos regarding that. Many people are searching for home gardening nowadays. You can teach them about buying seeds, growing plants, trees, etc.


While studying if I have a doubt. I will google it or watch youtube videos. Most of the People will do this. If you are good at teaching or you are a teacher. you can make money on youtube as a second way of income. It’s a Passive income. Your videos will make money each month.

Step 2 : Create Your YouTube channel

Creating a youtube channel is not a big task. You can create a youtube channel by a Gmail account. If you don’t have a Gmail account. Creating it will take only 10 minutes.

Sign in to You tube using that created gmail.

At that point click on the drop-down menu present just on the left half of the YouTube logo

Go to the My Channels choice from that menu

Another menu will open with the choice ‘Set up your channel on YouTube’ with your name on it

Presently, you simply need to encourage your own data to make your channel

Step 4: Create High Quality Content

Make high-quality content on your niche. If your content is good. Automatically your subscribers are going to like and share your video. If your video gets engagement your tube will boost your views.

Step 5:Post regularly

In the starting stage, you should post at least 2 to 3 videos per week. Post videos in a regular interval of time. If you post videos on a regular basis.

Step 6: Use social Media

Use social media to make your video reach more. You can post the link of your video in Instagram bio. You can share your video in the WhatsApp group. You can share it on your Facebook profile or in a Facebook group. The people like your videos will share it. This will increase your engagement. This is a step towards your growth.

Step 7: Collaborate with others

Collaborate will other you tubers and make videos. So that you can get more subscribers.

Ways to make money on youtube

Affiliate Marketing

You can review a product and add the link to your description. The products may be physical products or it can be a digital one. There are more companies offering affiliate commissions.

This is one of the important ways of making money on youtube. Once you have reached 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. you can apply for ad sense. It’s paid ads that will be played automatically by google on your videos. You will get a certain percentage of money on each advertisement.

If you have many followers. You can advertise other brands in your youtube video. Keep one thing in mind don’t promote all brands . Give advisement for only brands that are giving good services. Promoting the wrong brand will give a bad name for your channel.

Generate traffic to your blog

You can also put your blog post link or website link to your website. If you want to start a blog check out our post “How to start A Blog” .

Promote your E-book

You can also make videos on a summary of your e-book and can promote it. You can generate more sales through this method. Many authors are using this method to promote their E-books.

Some FAQ

Blog vs youtube

Many people have the doubt about this topic which is the best blog vs you-tube. Even I have this doubt before some years. After some research, I get get a clear understanding of this. Many people like watching videos than reading books. There are still some people who love to read. You will have a long tail keyword that has low competition. You can easily rank using a longtail keyword in a blog.

My suggestion is you should have both youtube and a blog so that you can generate traffic on both platforms with each other.

How can I be a YouTuber

  • Make a goal
  • Select your Niche
  • Expert in your Niche
  • Give a Valuable content
  • Scale Your channel
  • Implement SEO
  • Give right tags
  • Keep patience

T series net worth

T series net worth is 406 million dollars as of may 2020.

Do YouTubers get paid if you skip ads

There are three types of ads in Youtube

  • Skip-able ads
  • Non-Skip-able ads
  • Text ads

I someone always skips the ads. YouTube notice this and make them see some ads and you will get paid to that. So don’t worry about people skipping ads.

Best time to upload to youtube

Many people have this doubt when should I need to upload videos on you-tube. Research has proven that. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday the best time to upload us at 2 pm and 4 pm. The best time to upload videos on Tuesday, Friday is 12 pm to 3 pm.

In weekend you should upload it very fast. 9 am and 11 Am are the best time to upload videos.

You may think why this timing is changing each day. You-tube is mostly used by youngsters and will go to school on weekdays. Youngsters will go to college and work on weekdays. So they will use youtube in the evening. In the weekend they will watch youtube in the morning.

How long does it take to get 4000 watch hours?

I will give you some examples for this

  • If you upload 400 videos with 10 min and each video gets 1 view you will easily get 4000 views.
  • Think that If you upload 40 videos with 10 min and each video gets 10 views you will easily get 4000 views.
  • If you upload 4 videos with 10 min and each video gets 100 views you will easily get 4000 views.

It depends on your views, duration, and number of videos. You can calculate according to these three things.

Is youtube a good career?

Yes you-tube is a good career.But you should not give up your job at the starting itself.After gaining many subscribers and views you can leave your job.You can set up your channel by this article.

Do YouTubers pay taxes?

If your gross income is less than 1 Cr you will pay normal income.If it crosses 1 Cr you need to pay tax.

Youtube join button

YouTube has a joint button like a subscription button. It is another way of earning for you-tubers. It’s like a contribution of some money for that YouTubers on a monthly basis. Most people who are a fan of that youtube channel will use that joint button. Youtubers also provide extra content for people who joint in their channel. Which were only watched by people who joint that youtube channel.


You can be your own boss.

No need to wear shoes ,formals and you don’t need to be clean shaved.

You can work on your own time ,place. There is no target . You can spend time with your family

Its like a passive income . The video you are going to put on you tube is going to make money every month.

You are going to do your passion or dream so you won’t get board .

You can earn in different ways through you tube. so you can earn in 3 to 4 streams of money using one platform

There is no need of investment to joint in you tub

No nee of any office . You can work from your home .


You need to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to get ad sense approval.

You need to post video consistently

we don’t need money for starting you tube but for tech reviews we need ti invest some money .once your get popular you will get sponsors .

Others will download your content and put it on their you tube channel.

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