Make money on kindle publishing

One of the best way to earn passive income is kindle publishing . Making money on kindle publishing is easy .You need some hard work to make money on kindle publishing. In this article we are going to see the step by step process make money on kindle publishing. Just think you are waking and receiving money from your book you have publish earlier. Sounds good right . You can also make it . You need to put little bit effort to make it .

What is kindle publishing ?

Before going in to the topic. You should know about kindle publishing . Amazon kindle is a publishing platform . You can publish your E-book in few minutes . Once it get published it can be seen by people all over the world . If any one download your E-book in their kindle you will get money . Its a passive income so you will get money life long .

Find your Specific Topic

Finding your specific topic is the first step in creating your E-book . You are going to write books on that topics. The topic should be based on your hobbies,your interest etc . Write a of the specific topic you are interested in. Go to amazon kindle categories . There are so many categories. You will get some idea on seeing that categories. After choosing a category we can go to next step .

Research on key word

Before you writing a e-book you need to find what people are searching. Go to the see the best selling book in your category. so that you will get a idea .

Choose a topic

Choose a topic what people are searching for. Keep it in mind you are writing e-book to make money

Write content

Your content should be good. If your content is good you will get good feedback. If you get good feedback. More and more people are going to buy your book . As i have discussed in other articles . Don’t just write content . Give them some values .Give them some values . If you want to create high quality content. Read my article “How to create content “

Design your cover

Design your cover more attractive. You can also hire a freelancer to do this. As you hear from many like face is the index of mind. Your book cover should tell the content in your book.“How To Make A budget?

Sign in to Amazon KDP

You can sign up to amazon kindle by this link . Click here to sign in .

How to promote your e-book?

Through blog

 If you have a blog on same niche . You can promote your E-BOOK through your blog .You can also contact other websites for promoting it . Some people will ask money promotion . Many people are doing affiliate marketing by reviewing books . You should contact them and according to their demand promote your book. It’s better if you have your own blog . “How to start A Blog”

Through YouTube

You can also create YouTube videos on summary of your book . Give the link of your book in the description . If your viewers like the summary they will buy it . If you don’t have YouTube don’t worry . There are many You Tubers doing book review . You can contact them and promote your book . The You Tubers may ask some money for promoting your book . If you want to grow and make Money on YouTube . Read my blog “Make Money on YouTube”

Through social media

You can promote your book through your social media .You can also promote your book on shutout of bigger social media accounts in your book niche . They may change some money for 24 hours story . If you have your own Instagram account more than 10,000 followers. You can add link on ig story. Make a story about your book . Link your E-book on that story. Put it on highlights. So that people can view it any time . And you can increase your sales . If you want to grow and make money in Instagram . Read my blog “Make Money On Instagram” .

Through Email list

If you have a good number of email list you can easily promote your e-book .If you don’t have email list start creating it .  You will get more sales only if you promote it more . If you don’t have email list , add link to joint in your email list . So that if you write books in future you can send them email . If you want to build a email list . Check out my blog “Email Marketing”

ways you can make extra cash on kindle publishing .

Email list

If you want to create a email list of your readers . you can give the email list building link . so that you can collect the email . You can use that email list in the future. If you want to build a email list . Check out my blog “Email Marketing”

Link to blog

You can give the link of your each blog post under each specific topic in your e-book . so that you can get more free traffic to your blog . You will get traffic until your book is selling .“How to create content”

Link to YouTube

You can give the link of your you tube videos under each specific topic in your e-book . so that you can get subscribers to you tube. If you want to grow and make Money on YouTube . Read my blog “Make Money on YouTube” .

Link to courses

If you have any paid courses you can also link that to your e-book . “Make Money by Creating Online Courses”

Link to your social media

You can also give your social media link on that blog . If your readers like your content . they will check your profile and follow you . So that you can grow your social media also. If you want to grow and make money in Instagram . Read my blog “Make Money On Instagram” .

Why should you publish in kindle ?

Largest e-commerce website

We all know that amazon is the largest e-commerce website in the world. Millions of people are visiting amazon every day. Your E-book can be seen by lots of people. If they like your e-book they will buy it .

Easy to upload your content

You don’t need to have any previous experience . You don’t need to ask them to publish your book and don’t need to pay for publishing.

You can decide your own price

In amazon kindle you are deciding the price . Amazon will take small percentage of money .

Low investment

There is no investment in kindle publishing . Some times if you make freelancer to write you need some investment . If you write yourself you don’t required any investment . Some times it will cost investment for designing cover

Unpublished your e-book at any time

You can unpublish your e-book whenever you want.You don’t have any specific time for that.

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