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Are you using your Instagram just to watch others post, have you aware that you can make money on Instagram.If you are searching for online business without investment Instagram is the best platform you can choose. It’s not a overnight process you should keep patience and you need to give your  presence. Here are some of the ways you can really make money Instagram .In this Article we are going to see  the ways  you can make money on Instagram. You can choose one or two methods.

Setting up your Instagram account

Setup your Instagram account is one of the main thing you need to do after you open a business Instagram account.There are some steps you should follow to make your ig page look like a pro.


First impressions are everything.When most users arrive on your page, they are going to make their decision to leave or look around within the first 5 seconds.So it’s your job to catch their eye and attention with a beautifully and carefully curated page! Depending on the length of your bio and if you use story highlights or not, visitors are going to see your
last 3-9 posts.This is why every post counts. You can’t get lazy.Whether you manage personal brand influence account, info-graphic account, or a viral video account, you must make sure that the theme of your page aligns with the message you are trying to send to your followers.There are some apps for Instagram with which you can do presentation “5 Apps for Instagram That You Should Install”.


This is what separates you from the pack. Follow the highlights from below when making your own page
Use same font type ,same size .Use 1-3 same colours for all posts .Make the title easy to read .Use Call to action in your post description as follow @username 2-3 times .the reason why i am using 2-3 times is that you followers can easily click to follow you .post consistently. For Personal Brands Keep it clean. Use a variety of backgrounds.use Same filters . Same size border and frames. 1 on 1 off method – you,nature, you, nature, you,food, you, etc.


Make your description unique .You can add one hashtag to your description.Use emojis .You can also add your blog ,website or you tube link in your description


screenshot the insights and post it on highlights.Make many highlights .You can also screenshot the followers count and post it on highlights.Once you reach 10000 followers you can also put links on your story .You can also put links of your blog posts.

Growing Instagram


Before you play a game of basketball, you warm up. Think of this strategy as the same thing, only on Instagram! For about 10-15 minutes before you post your latest content, spend some time GIVING out some engagement. Like and comment on posts from your follower business partners, other large accounts in your niche,and dive into the hashtag rabbit hole through your most commonly used hashtags to find top posts.By GIVING first, you are setting yourself up to start RECEIVING soon after.

When others see that you just gave their post some love, they will be more inclined to do the same for you when they see your latest post.Simple growth tips like this one separate the winners from the losers. A little bit of giving here and there really adds up.

Accounts You Follow

It’s always easy to spot when an account is using the follow/unfollow method to grow their account. This is when you follow thousands of accounts, hope that they follow you back, and then you unfollow them. Then you rinse and repeat, over and over.Some users also use bots and paid services to do this process for them behind the scenes, which is a poor way of growing an account.Bots or not, stay away from this method. Instagram is starting to crack down and ban accounts using third party services like this to grow.

Those accounts that have 7,065 followers but also follow 12,389 used this method to grow.The problem with this is that these followers didn’t follow you organically, on their own. The law of averages proves that if you follow enough people, some are going to follow you back. But when these accounts do follow you, they most likely won’t engage. Keeping your “following” under 100 accounts is the
best advice. It keeps your account looking clean and professional.

Best posting time

Posting while most people are sleeping is generally not the best growth strategy There are a few common (and obvious) times to post throughout the day which tend to lead to the most engagement.

Between 7 to 9 am.

This is when people are first waking up. They are checking their phones before they get out of bed or when they first get to work.

12 pm, lunch time

Most people are checking their phones on their lunch break, which makes this another great time to post. This is arguably the best time to post.                         


When people are getting out of work.Usually people check their social media after their work get over.


The gym and dinner are done, and they are settling in to wind down and relax for the night. This includes checking their phone again.

As you can see, this isn’t rocket science, but you’d be surprised by how many people are only posting one time per day at 10am and wondering why they get no engagement and they can’t grow their account. Start getting more methodical.

Big Account trick

One of the best growth tips is this one right here! LOCATE THE LEADER ACCOUNTS IN
THOUGHT OUT MESSAGE With this strategy, you’re going to find that your comments will earn comment likes. Sometimes your comment can go viral and become the top liked message! You will ABSOLUTELY without a doubt gain followers if you do this many times per day, everyday consistently!


Networking is one of the most undervalued growth strategies because your efforts don’t directly result in a gain of followers every time you network.By networking, you are setting yourself up for a win in the long-run.Those who have provided this value have earned back
even more value in return from me either through free advice, coaching, free ebooks, and discounted promotion rates.


Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags to be used.If you Google how many hashtags to use, everyone is telling you something different.So The key here is to try many different methods and see what works best for you!You can now use 10 #’s in stories Research “banned hashtags” to make sure you don’t use those Switch it up. Don’t always copy and paste the same 20 hashtags or Instagram will mark you as SPAM Don’t use generic,irrelevant hashtags
When starting out,avoid the hashtags with 500 million posts as you will find it hard to compete and rank at that level

Create a “brand specific” hashtag to encourage user created content Start with hashtags
that have 50,000 -1,000,000 posts and see how many impressions you cannget with that

From 0-15 k Followers:
20-30 #’s used
From 15 k-35 k Followers:
10-15 #’s used
From 35 k-85 k Followers:
3-9 #’s used

Building a team

This is one of the most important strategies that we used to accelerate our account growth, and we highly recommend you take this idea and grow your account as much as possible with it


On Sunday, everybody in the group gives
shoutout to one person on their account’s IG Story.On Monday, everybody in the group gives second person a shoutout on their account’s IG story.And so on…This is POWERFUL, as on your day, you will get 6 different shoutouts from 6 different accounts. Amplify this tactic even more by adding two accounts per day, for a total of 14 weekly members.


You must post everyday. No excuses. Minimum one
post per day.

At the start when GROWTH was the most important goal, 2-4 posts were done per day.
NEVER post more than 5 times per day, as that is way too spammy and people will quickly unfollow you. When you post everyday, those that tend to like most of your posts will see your posts first every time they open up their Instagram app, due to the algorithm.

As an info graphic niche account, this is without a doubt the best method to use.The Instagram algorithm tends to favor accounts that post consistently.Take just 3 days off from posting, and Instagram won’t be showing your posts to as many people as usual.


When engagement rises, your posts get recognized by the Instagram algorithm, and may end up on the explore page. This is where you get noticed by people who aren’t yet following you.
So, how do you boost your engagement? These are some of the best methods we’ve discovered

Dms and comment

Replying to DMs and comments is one of the easiest ways to earn trust and loyalty from your followers.But many people decline DMs, leave them unread,and never show their presence in the comment section. So let’s be different and not do that.These simple messages that take only seconds to type up can be the difference maker in your success. It shows your commitment and dedication to your followers, their questions, and your brand.People like to feel important and chosen. When they get a

DM from an account that has 30k followers, it
makes them feel special, valued, and appreciated.In the early stages, replying to comments is a great way for you to further your expertise by answering specific questions related to the original post you made.This is also a great way for you to display professionalism and composure.You are sure to receive negative comments from an array of keyboard warriors just looking for a fight.Resist the urge to fight back and be the bigger person, as that will be much better for your brand reputation

Stealing followers

Stealing a few followers each day will start to add up over time.As we recommend that you reply to comments, you must remember that most people are not doing this right now.
They are not prioritiizing interactions with followers as far as answering questions, giving guidance, and creating personal relationships. That’s why this is still a massive opportunity for you to slide in and capitalize on their lack of presence and dedication.

By doing this, you are now the one providing value and have earned the respect, trust, and loyalty of that follower.However, don’t go overboard with this and only answer questions that you really know.At all costs, avoid leaving this comment:”FOLLOW @EXAMPLE ACCOUNT FOR THE BEST BUSINESS POSTS ON INSTAGRAM!”

Influencers specific

Make 2019 your breakout year. Influencer marketing has taken over traditional marketing
and still has enormous room ahead for growth.Here are some statistics about influencer marketing that may get you to want to become an influencer or start using influencer marketing for your business. 92% of consumers trust recommendations from peers on social media above all othe forms of marketing 49% of consumers rely on influencer recommendations before making a purchase 59% of marketers plan to increase their influencer marketing budget over the next 12 months 70% of internet users say they want to learn more about a product through content before traditional marketing

Social media is the number one driver of all referral traffic Using all of the tips and strategies in this blog will definitely assist you in your growth journey. As an influencer, the best way to get through to your followers is by providing value. To get going you must find your interests and passions, create your account, and then simply start! Through our
free IG Growth guide


In addition to daily content and tips, you can provide a free fitness eBook or monthly guide to help your followers get their fitness journey on the right track for success.Once they see that your free tips and advice worked, you have them sold, and you have now created brand loyalty.When it comes to anything fitness related, you’re going to be the first point of reference for those same consumers.Reaching out to the largest bodybuilding and fitness accounts on Instagram is going to be the quickest and easiest way for you to gain massive exposure.

You will need to pay these accounts for these promotions as they have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of followers all engaged and interested in your exact niche. Your perfect target market. This is worth the investment.A great way to grow is to start doing collaborations with other fitness accounts your size and create video content together.
You can do this through Instagram videos, IGTV, YouTube, and even free webinars. Collaborations are a great way to cross market and target an existing audience in your niche.

A very simple way to monetize your account would be thought brand endorsements (products, supplements,clothing) and through premium content.If you already offer a free weekly workout guide each week,you can easily charge $5 to add on a meal plan guide

Personal Brand

Personal brands are the most common type of influencer
account on Instagram.
First you have to choose your niche:
TOO MANY MORE TO LIST  – CHOOSE YOUR PASSION! We live in a world now where we even see Dentists and Doctors creating their own personal brand Instagram accounts as a side hustle to their six figure careers.They are banking on their knowledge and expertise to grow. A common method they use to go big time include hopping on top of the latest trends.

ways to make money on Instagram


Influence marketing is taking over the world. Business ,brands and entrepreneurs are more than happy to partner with you once you have created a targeted niche or specific audience. If you run a fitness and health related niche , you can partner up with bodybuilding supplements , health care products, bodybuilding equipment’s company etc.

Monetize a blog

It is a great way to make passive income.If you grow your audience you can drive traffic to your blog as well with great story content and having over 10000 followers enable the swipe up option. My Idea is you should build a blog with at least 200 post and grow your Instagram followers up to 10000. Now now you have a website with content and you have Instagram audience. You are in control of driving traffic.Most bloggers are spending money on ads to drive traffic to their website. You have audience you can drive traffic to your website for free. How to start a blog.

Ads and shoutouts

Small accounts , brand , business , Entrepreneurs aur more than happy to pay you 10 to 25 dollars for a shoutout on your Instagram. Many new websites are creating their email list by giving free eBooks  which will be posted on some business Instagram stories.

Multiple accounts

If you can figure out how to grow one, you can grow more can do this in the same by which you have already experienced can branch out more to completely different niche. You have an account bringing you $1000 per month. Imagine you have 3 accounts each bringing you $1000. You will get $3000 per month.

Products and services

Selling products and service is a common ways to make money online.You can sell products directly through Instagram or drive  traffic to your website or shopify can sell your digital products,  e-books , courses etc. You can get motorize your own clothing brand by your personal brand ,business logo ,motivational quotes etc. The service that are the  best to motorize include freelancing, design, content creation, account management, coaching and consulting. If you want to know how to create a drop shipping store and earn money money check out post “Make money on drop shipping”

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing only works if you have a lawyer following and audience that you have build up over time. If you have  more than 50000 followers this can be a great source of income for you. There are many applications for mobile phone which are free to use and will pay you  are referrals. be sure to only promote high quality products and service or you will lose trust from your followers. “Make Money on Affiliate Marketing”

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