Make Money on Affiliate Marketing

Learn to Make Money on Affiliate Marketing with this step by step process. I will teach you to make money on Affiliate Marketing.

If you are reading this blog you may have a plan for starting an affiliate marketing business. It is the best way you can make money online. It’s one of the best ways you can make money passively. If you already have a started and not scaling it you can scale it with these tips.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Before going into the topic. You should want to know about Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning money by referring to other products or services.

We don’t need to be a manufacture. Many companies are offering their affiliate programs. You can sell their product or service and can earn money. You will get commissions in three different ways. They are by clicks, sales, leads.

Just think if you are creating a product or service. You should create customer support, good product or services, etc. But in Affiliate marketing you only need to refer customers. That company will take care of all these services. You will get paid according to your sales.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

  • You will refer to a product or service.
  • Your customers will buy through your affiliate link.
  • You will get paid for your referral.

How To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing?

Find a niche

Finding a specific niche is the first step in Affiliate marketing. It’s easy to find the niche. All you need is to think of your hobbies, passion, etc. You should check whether you can make at least 100 pieces of content on your that niche. If you have an interest in a specific topic you can learn about it. If you don’t know what a niche just click on category an amazon. Each category is a niche. You can select anyone from it. Instead of confusing the products. You can choose a product on a specific category and you can concentrate on that.

Make Money on Affiliate Marketing,Step1-Find your niche

choose a platform

weather you are going to promote it in your blog, website, social media, or in you-tube. My advice is you should choose all this platform. If you are promoting your product or services in one platform. You will get some sales. But if you are promoting it on many platforms. You can also sell your products or services in quora.

Start a blog

If you are going to do affiliate marketing. You should have a blog or website. It will give a professional look. It will also create a trust. Pick up a domain name. Set up your site.Setup your site. Add more valuable blog posts. How to Start A Blog?

How to set up your blog?

Buy a domain name. You can buy a domain name in the name cheap. After buying your domain name you should buy hosting. I am using site ground for hosting. I also recommend you to use site ground. The customer support is very good.

Content creation

Before sign in to affiliate programs you should create some valuable content. Because many affiliate marketing sites will audit your site first. If your site doesn’t have any content they will reject your request. So my suggestion is to make some valuable content after that sign up to affiliate marketing.

Implement new strategies

Many people are doing affiliate marketing on seeing other blog posts or attending courses. So most people are using the same strategy for affiliate marketing. If you implement new methods for this, you will be unique. So you can earn in a different method.

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Keep patience

Before starting Affiliate marketing.If you think you can make money next month. Please don’t start it. Because it’s not an easy make money scheme. If you start it you should you should patience. Not only in affiliate marketing in every business you won’t get profit in the next month. You should work hard and you can earn money.

Sign up to an affiliate program

Sign up to an affiliate program is the second of start affiliate marketing. I have mentioned some of the affiliate marketing websites below. Don’t promote all products. Promote according to your niche.

Affiliate marketing without a website

Best affiliate marketing websites

Research on product

Before selecting your product you need to make product research. You need to choose the product which is in high demand. If you choose a product or service which is not in high demand then all your work is going to be before choosing it research about it clearly. If the product we are referring to is not good. You will get a bad review. To promote only products having good reviews.

How To Make A budget?

Make your site SEO friendly

If your site is Seo friendly you will get more organic traffic. Getting more traffic means getting more sales and your site will rank. I will tell you some tips to make your site SEO friendly.Use internal link,external link,back-link.create a site map, optimist the images, Response to comments, etc. These are some of the SEO tips. There are many other SEO tips. There are many other SEO tips. If you want to know more about SEO tips comment below. I will make a separate blog post for SEO.

Make you-tube videos

Make simple videos an upload it on you-tube. You can add the affiliate link in the description and promote your affiliate products in that description. You can include the link of a blog that has affiliate links. So that you can increase the site traffic and increase sales. Make Money on YouTube?

Generating traffic to blog

After creating a blog post with affiliate links. You need traffic to your website. Because without traffic you cant able to close a sale through affiliate marketing. There are many ways you can bring traffic to your blog. Try to get more organic traffic. You can get organic traffic by the right keyword research. I have explained about this below.

Add Banners

Add banners, images in your blog post and you can add a link to your affiliate link in that image. You can easily get banners in that affiliate marketing website itself. I will make your website look better.

Research keyword

Research on keyword is the first thing you should do before writing a blog post. You can see what people are searching for and what they are searching for. You can also see the competition for each keyword. In the starting of my blog. I won’t research on keyword. I always write an article on my wish. After that I notice that my website didn’t get organic traffic. I search on google about this. After that I noticed that I didn’t have organic keywords. Now all my works and efforts which I have done become waste, In your starting stage write articles in low competition. Usually long-tail keyword will always have low competition. Start writing on keyword article which have high search volume and have low competition so that you can rank easily.

On-page content optimisation

It includes the linking of other posts in your blog post. This is also called as off-page SEO. It is done to increase the traffic to your post. The people coming to read one post and you are going to make the read more posts from your site.

Post feedback

Post feedback given by your customers in your blog post. so that your customers will get a good impression on that particular product or service. You can also post the screenshot of your.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

1. Pay per click.

In Pay per click or PPC you will get paid for clicks. This is a marketing model where companies want to generate traffic to their sites. So they pay for people like us for each click. You can see this model in google Ad-sense. If people click on an advertisement you will get a certain percentage of commission.

In Google Ad-sense you can see business people pay money for advertisements for a particular keyword. Google will place the advertisement in a blog or blog post with similar key words. So that the people paying fir Advertisement will get more clicks. And the blog where the Advertisement is displayed will get commissions as per their click.

2. Pay per lead.

It is an affiliate marketing program where affiliate marketers are paid for the lead generated by them. You may think what is a lead. Lead means if you sign up for some email list, downloading of software, downloading apps, etc.

If the customers click our affiliate link and sign in we will get some commission. As like pay per click you won’t get money on every click.

3. Pay per sale.

Pay per sale is different from the other two ways. In this affiliate marketing you will get paid only if you close a sale. You can earn more when you compare with the other two methods. The commission per sale is also a little bit high when you compare this with the other two methods.But all your readers may not end up in closing.

What are the most popular affiliate marketing networks?

Share A Sale,Clickbank,Rakutenadvertising, impact,flexoffers,Amazon Affiliate,eBay,Target,Walmart,Aliexpress,Newegg,Overstock are some of the most popular affiliate marketing networks.

Advantages of affiliate marketing

  • You don’t need to be a manufacturer
  • Low investment. There is not much investment needed. You need a laptop or a mobile phone with an internet connection.
  • You don’t need to search for customers
  • It’s a great source of passive income
  • It’s a easy way to create another stream of income
  • You don’t need to worry about the delivery. Your job is only to promote the product.
  • The delivery of the product will be taken care of by the company itself.
  • You are your own boss .No one is going to be your boss.
  • One of the main advantages of affiliate marketing is, you will have customers all over the world. so you can generate money 24/7.
  • No need of any office or work place .You can work from anywhere and at any time.
  • This is not a fixed income .You will get paid according to your work .


Affiliate marketing is not a quick-rich scheme. You should work hard to make money. I have seen many people will work hard on the starting. But after some days. They will give up too soon. My suggestion is don’t give up too soon. If you look at others making money it will look easy but you don’t know their hard work, failures, etc. But don’t worry learn more, invest in yourself. You can achieve more if you work hard. All the best.

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