Make money as freelancer

Steps to make money

Choose your skill

 The first step in Making money as a freelancer is choosing your skill. List out your hobbies, work you are good at .select 2-4  from that . Don’t choose too many skill be strong in some specific skill.

Develop your  skills

You should be expert in your field .Learn more new things .You are not going to get paid for your time .You are going to get paid because of your skills. so be strong in in your field.You can improve your skills by watching YouTube videos ,attending courses .Not only videos and courses will make you strong in your field.Regular practicing will make you a expert in it.

Create your profile strong

If you are going to be a freelance writer ,you should post many content to your blog .You can write guest post on others blog .If you are a programmer you can post your program in GT hub. If you are a web developer you can create many sample websites .when your client ask for profile you can show these as examples. Create a profile that you will choose first .Ask your self is your profile ok for you to hire you for a job.If not o then improve yourself.

Post your bid

Post your time and money per hour .If a customer likes your bid they will select you.If you didn’t get your job don’t worry .Put your efforts regularly .You will get job soon.As a beginner you should bid on more small works .Get good reviews from them .With that review you can go for some big jobs.

Find your client

Before you search for customers you should be strong in your skills . New freelancers will feel difficult to find their first client. You know what you capacity is .You can bid according to that .Do small work in starting stage .Get good reviews after that you bid for highly big jobs.

Time management

 Time management is more important as a make money as freelancer .You know your approximate time for a job .post that time .Don’t mention time as too early for your job .Deliver your project within the time .You are not going to get paid for your week end party or spending time with friends.You are going to get paid only if you do some work.So don’t be too lazy.

Concentrate on service

Don’t concentrate on money .Not only in freelancing every business concentrate only on services .If you concentrate more on services automatically you will get get reviews.If you are getting good reviews automatically you are going to get more and more works.If your service is not good you will get bad review.This will reduce your number of you are going to get.

Build social profile

Building social profile is a important step to make money as a freelancer.It will make you look like pro.You can also get freelancing job through your social media.If you want to make money on Instagram then check our article “ Make Money On Instagram”

Top Freelancing sites


If you are the beginner then freelancer it’s the best site to can easily bid jobs from small one to bigger one .

It is one of the most seasoned player out there. After the dispatch in year 2003, it has now developed into world’s greatest redistributing goal. It has as of late gained the two major goliaths in the outsourcing commercial center: vWorker and Scriptlance and now become greater than any time in recent memory.

On the off chance that you are searching for a spot to begin, at that point Freelancer is the best spot for you. Its simple to join as a consultant or boss and start gaining or employing. I generally prescribe beginners and even the expert consultants who have chipped away at other independent destinations to join


Upwork has turned into the world’s greatest commercial center currently leaving merger among and and is my undisputed top choice. oDesk and Elance, the world’s two greatest independent sites held hands and converged to shape in center of 2015 framing a major contender for Be that as it may, even after such a great amount of clamor around individuals contradicting this choice of theirs, I for one think it is as yet the equivalent stunning spot for finding

At the point when I began my independent vocation I did it with these locales and now I feel great that I have one site and one portfolio. Upwork gives excellent assistance and the expenses that they take for tasks is likewise little. The most significant thing that I love about Upwork is their help group. It never happened that they were not ready to react to my inquiries and issues.


It is the world’s biggest commercial center for little administrations. The most intriguing part is you can make gigs for as low as $5. It can demonstrate to be a lucrative framework for you regardless of whether you don’t have the foggiest idea about the coding or configuration stuff. Simply examine the gigs others are making and check whether you can do that as well. On the off chance that you can accomplish something exceptionally normal that individuals might be happy to pay $5 for then you can profit here.


Since 2001, this stage empowers specialists to exhibit their abilities and administrations and to secure proper positions. Consultants and businesses both make their profiles on the site and go into an occupation contract in the wake of investigating each other’s expert notoriety. A specialist deals with his/her exercises through Work Room and installments are made after SafePay framework.

Consultants, searching for good pay employments in planning, composing, IT, promoting, organization, and different fields, join here.


This website unites individuals who are either looking for or offering administrations identifying with composing, web advancement, planning, web based life, business improvement and so forth. It is a UK-based organization, which pursues a framework, truly like other outsourcing destinations. On this webpage, you will discover both online just as on location outsourcing gigs. Occupations are either fixed cost or hourly type.


A more current player in the independent game, Toptal is extraordinary for experienced programming engineers. Their screening procedure is quite serious – just tolerating the top 3% of designers – so it’s not as simple to get ready for action on a task likewise with a portion of different locales recorded here.

They can set you up with a scope of tasks from short-to long haul, and will coordinate you with ventures that fit explicitly to you and your range of abilities.

In the event that you are searching for a profoundly qualified engineer for your startup or some other top notch venture, I firmly prescribe you employ your designer from Toptal.


On the off chance that you offer administrations in bookkeeping, organization, showcasing, structuring, programming, and composing or in some other related classes, you can join iFreelance to discover possibilities. Essentially make your profile, publicizing the administrations that you offer. On the other hand, you can offer on the activities that are reasonable to your abilities.

Joining iFreelance isn’t free. You should buy one of its paid enrollment plans. By and by, I don’t think it is a downside since it remunerates by not deducting any expense from your profit.


This site incorporates just planning gigs as challenges. A customer advances his/her structure brief. Independent architects chip away at that. Just the endorsed plan wins the prize cash.

As I would see it, this site offers massive chances desiring architects. Regardless of whether you don’t win a challenge, the structures you cause will to be an extraordinary expansion to your portfolio.

Be it logo plan or book configuration, join 99Design on the off chance that you have aptitudes in a structure work.


It is hard to beat SimplyHired with regards to the assortment of outsourcing occupations. From individual consideration to cutting edge, from managerial to development, this is the commercial center for on the web and disconnected independent employments. The site records employments from 24 distinct nations. Other than employment posting, the site incorporates other valuable assets like organization registry, examples of overcoming adversity and vocation improvement tips.


Many don’t have the foggiest idea about that Craigslist is additionally a commercial center for outsourcing gigs. Because of its area explicit posting highlight, it is conceivable to secure nearby outsourcing positions through Craigslist. A consultant can utilize the site free of cost and peruse employments in close by significant urban communities.

Presently you can proceed to look at which of the accompanying independent site suits you the best. There are a great deal of different destinations additionally however these are the top players out there.

How much I can earn as a freelancer?

It depend on time you are working and the skills you have.Freelancers are paid in hourly basis .The cost per hour changes according to your experience.


You are allowed to work (or not) however you see fit. You can telecommute or from a sea shore at the Gran Canaria. You can even wear shoes while you work, and no one will call you on it, on the grounds that there’s no one to call you on anything: you’re your very own boss.But that is only the shallow stuff.

Being a consultant likewise implies that you get the chance to choose which tasks you’ll take in, you can see any discourteous client out, and you can structure and execute your activities they way you need, not how some upper administration bonehead chooses.

Perhaps the saddest inclination when filling in as a representative is doing all the diligent work for some undertaking, and after that getting paid your standard small pay while your supervisor takes some immense reward for “conveying” it, and the organization sells it for a truckload of cash.

As a specialist you get the chance to keep any benefits coming from your work.

On the off chance that you figure out how to arrive a major gig, the majority of the crown jewels will go straightforwardly to your financial balance — not to rewards for the upper administration. All things considered, after the assessment office has done its typical ravaging, obviously — yet this abandons saying.

As a consultant gatherings will be a relic of times gone by — alongside all the diverse inept little organization ceremonies and corporate administration for completing the easiest thing.

In the event that you need something done, you can simply feel free to do it. You won’t have to legitimize it through a 50 page PowerPoint introduction any longer, attempting to persuade exhausted to tears associates and officials.


.Working for yourself can be extreme. Though your old manager was liable for putting cash on your ledger toward the finish of every month, presently this obligation lies exclusively on you. Furthermore, sure, you could slack it off all you need since you don’t have a chief, however it will be your primary concern that you’re harming thusly.

It’s just plain obvious, you probably won’t have a chief, however despite everything you have something that can be much additionally requesting: your customers.

And keeping in mind that you could show the most impolite or irritating of them the entryway, you’ll in all likelihood reconsider before doing it when you rely upon their business to pay that lease or home loan.

At the point when each choice legitimately influences you and your independent business actually, without the pad of a huge venture to help contain any negative effect, it can get upsetting, snappy.

You think your manager requests of “having that marketable strategy prepared by tomorrow first thing” were upsetting? That would be nothing contrasted with the butterflies in the stomach you’ll get when you’ll need to set up your very own marketable strategies and undertaking recommendations to enormous customers. Goodness, and this getting ready for the future thing? Without a CEO and upper administration to do it for you any longer, it’s currently your duty as well.

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