How to start a blog and make money?

How to start a blog. So you are interested in blogging. If don’t have money to start it.If you are a beginner in creating a new stream of income. Blogging is the best way to make money online. In this article, you will see how to start a blog and earn money.

What is a blog?

Before going into the topic you should know what is a blog? Blog is a website. Where you will have content about a particular niche. Some blogs will have multiple niches.Our blog is a multiple niche. You will get information about a certain topics in a blog. Bloggers will write a blog posts and attract the readers and make money online.

How To Make A budget?

Can I start a blog without any technical experience?

You don’t want any technical knowledge to start a blog. Even I don’t know anything while I am starting. It’s a learnable skill. You can easily learn if you have an interest. Follow my steps to start a blog.

Choose your blogging platform

Many free platforms are available for blogging. Some of the free platforms are wix , Joomla, WordPress , Blogger,Tumbler, etc. The problem you can face while starting a blog on a free platform is they can terminate you at any time. All your work is going to become nothing. This happens to me and many people in the starting stage. So Don’t do the same Fault. I recommend you start a blog by creating a WordPress website.

Choose your blog Name

Blog name is one of the important things .choose a blog name according to your blog. Don’t keep a blog name as a fitness freak and post pet animal blog. Your blog name and your blog should match. If it is a personal brand you can be your name itself. Don’t waste too much time on naming your blog. Your blog post is more important than your blog name .your blog won’t grow if you choose a great name. Your blog will grow if you post valuable content. Read more

Check the availability of domain name

Before you confirm your blog name check the availability of domain name. Some times you will get a good name but the domain name will not be available. So after the selection of domain name you must check the availability. If your domain name is not available don’t worry. Think of another name and check it.

Hosting your website

Hosting your website is very important because the speed of your website is determined by your hosting service choose wisely before selecting your hosting provider. In the starting stage of me creating websites, I bought hosting from the cheapest hosting provider. My website is very slow. If any problem arises they won’t have good customer support. Now I am using site ground their service and customer support is good. My website speed is also good.Top hosting sites in 2020

Why you need to choose Site Ground?

Choosing a good web host is one of the most important part in creating a website . Hosting in a perfect web host will make you business to make more money . Don’t think that I am not promoting site ground . I am personally use site ground for hosting . I will explain you why you need to choose site ground as your hosting .Site ground is one of the best hosting site to start your blog.

Home page of Site ground while you opening

visit site ground


Site ground is providing a free plugin to migrate from other hosting to their hosting. so you can get your previous website without deleting anything.

Customer support

They are available 24/7 to solve the problems. The best thing about site ground is that they have good customer support. If any problem arise to my website. I will contact them and they will solve it as fast as they can.

Recommend by WordPress

There are only three hosting providers recommended by word press. site ground is one of the hosting platform recommended by WordPress.


Their storage is little less when compared to other hosting providers but the storage is in SSD. It is more than sufficient for hosting a website.


You will have daily backups for your website .so you don’t need to worry about your website.


There are three different plans for hosting your website.They are start-up ,growbig ,gogeek

plans in site ground to choose

Check plans

Start up

It is for new startup companies, blogs, or websites.It is cheaper while comparing with the other two plans.we can host only one website in this plan .If you are going to start only one website then go with this.

Grow big;

In this plan, you can host multiple websites. I would always recommend you to go with grow big or go geek.


As like grow big we can host multiple websites on gogeek .

Collaboration tools

This is a new feature you have on-site ground. You can collaborate with your clients, friends, etc.

Design your blog

Design your blog with a theme . There are many free themes that are attractive. Don’t make your website too complicated. Make your blog looks simple and attractive. I use the Ocean wp theme for this website. You make choose the theme according to your wish. Keep one thing in mind people won’t see the design. People only see your content. So concentrate more on good content.

Publish Quality content

Many bloggers will create their blogs. Creating content seems to be a big task for many bloggers. .Keep this in your mind “Read more to write more”. You can see other similar blogs and you will get some idea .post at least 3 days a week .post good quality content that your readers should understand clearly about that particular topic.Read more

Generating traffic

Generating traffic is one of the most important things in blogging. If you have posted many articles and you are not generating any traffic it is a waste of time. If you want good traffic you should choose the right keywords. Social media is the best way you can generate free traffic to your blog. You can choose any social media but at the starting stage start with one. Each social media has different algorithms. If you start making traffic in more than one social media at the starting you will get frustrated. Learn any one of them.If you have a small team you can manage one or two social media platforms.Read more..

Create a email list

This is one of the important part most bloggers lag. After creating your content you should create an email list. Email lists are like asserts for bloggers. If you have an email list you can easily generate traffic. I use mail chimp for email marketing. To know more about email marketing check out our blog post.“Email Marketing”

Ways to make money on blogging

Is it still possible to make money from a blog today?

Yes, you can make money from blogging. All you need to do is write quality content. You need to do lots of work. You won’t earn money the next day of starting your blog. It will take some time. Until then don’t start earning don’t give up. Every business takes some time to get back you a revenue.

Do bloggers make money?

Yes, bloggers make money in many ways. The money you are earning depends on the time you are working on it. Some people earn only on blogging and attained their financial freedom. But keep in mind you won’t get money once you started your blog. You need to learn and implement lots of techniques. Keep patience.

Sell your Course

If you have a blog with some posts. You can easily sell your online course. If You can see many bloggers blogs will have courses on their niche. You can earn extra cash through it. If you don’t have an online course you can create it in the future also. Creating an online course is very easy. If you want to create and make money by creating online courses. check out our blog “Make Money by Creating Online Courses” .

Affiliate Marketing

Through Affiliate Marketing you can make money passive. You can sell digital, physical products. You will get a certain percentage of commissions according to the product or services. Most of the bloggers make money on Affiliate marketing. Make Money on Affiliate Marketing.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the easiest way to make money on your blog. All you need to make money in this method is content. There are some rules you need to follow to get google AdSense.


You can promote your E-Book in your blog. If you see the top blogging sites. They will promote their E-books on their blog. Make money on kindle publishing.


You are your own boss. There is no one to give you any order. You can work on your own time and location. You don’t need to work for 9-5.

It’s a good passive income. Once you created so much content. You can earn money passively. The content you are going to create is life long. You can able to create income passively.

You have enough time to spend with your family. There are many jobs where you can’t able to spend time with your family. Blogging is not like that.

I accept creating content seems a difficult task for many. But the content is your assets.

You can also do freelancing as content witter or web developer.

As I discussed above .You can many income stream with a single blog site.

There is no limit. If you know how you can earn money from one blog site. You can increase your income by making many sites in different


You need to put your own blue print.

You are your teacher. No one will teach you . You should learn by yourself.

It’s a slow process. At the starting stage, you will not get any income. You need to balance that.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Start A Blog?

Yes anyone can start a blog. Blogging is not so tough as you think. You don’t need to complete a degree to start a blog. It’s a learnable skill. Anyone can learn to blog. You don’t even need technical knowledge and writing knowledge to do this. Even I don’t know how to write a blog post while I am starting. If you have interest, passion, and dedication in it you can do it.

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