How to generate traffic to website in 2019

If you are reading this blog then you will have a blog or website and have content in it but don’t know how to increase the traffic to your site. Everybody want to get more and more traffic to their website or blog.In this article I  will explain you some you some of the ways through which you can generate more and more traffic to your website or blog.I think you have already created a blog if not check our previous blog “How to start a blog in 2019”

Create a good quality content

 Creating good content in one of the most efficient way you can make your traffic to your blog. The quality of your content is good day  to their friends from social media. After creating your content you just read your content if you get hundred percentage satisfaction on your content then post it on your website. We can generate traffic through many methods but the thing is if the content is not good definitely the reader won’t read your blog till the end.if the content is not good I want read your other  posts.If you have doubt in creating good quality content . check our post “How to create content for your blog”

Keep patients

you should be patient while you are generating traffic on the starting stage of your won’t get more traffic but because it is not an overnight process.Concentrate more on choosing a right keyword. Spend your time in creating good quality content. Most of the blog takes 6 to 7 months to rank on the first page. You do your daily routine on your blog don’t worry about the traffic at the starting stage. How to retire early.

Use social media to get traffic

Use social media to get traffic nowadays social media is the best way you can generate more free traffic put your website link on your social media share your content through social media .Keeping social sharing button will also generate you more traffic if your content is good and you have a social sharing button so that people who like it will definitely going to share in their social media page so that you will get a tree  traffic. Make Money On Instagram.

Make YouTube videos

 Making YouTube video is one of the best way you can generate more and more traffic to your website . Don’t forget don’t that the videos you are creating on YouTube feel generate you traffic lifelong.Most of the people feel shy to face the camera. If you are shy person don’t worry you can create animated video content for your YouTube channel so that you can create audience through YouTube channel. Best techniques to get monetize YouTube.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

 SEO gives you know traffic from Google and other sites .It will help you to rank your post on the first page.If your post is ranking on the first page. Definitely your blog going to get more traffic because most of the time people will click the post on the first page they won’t go to the second and third page .If your post is  on the first page most of the people will start reading your post and your post will generate more traffic. I use Yoast for seo .

Do keyword research

    Before you are going to write a post do keyword research. For  beginners it will help you to understand about the topic. Send at least 10 to 15 minutes in keyword research before making content so that you will know that which keyword will  work and which your won’t . You can see the number of searches for your keyword per month using Google trends

Publish frequently

 Publish at least two to three times in a week . Without publishing frequently you you may not be able to generate traffic because that person visiting your site should think that your website has more unique content so that he will visit again and again for his doubt and clarifications.

Write guest post

Write Guest post on quality website. Writing guest post on a quality website will help you to generate no traffic. While approaching the website you should so some of your previous content. So post at least 30 to 40 content in our website and after that approach high quality website. While writing guest post if the visitors of  like your content the the visitor from that page will visit your website . This increase your traffic

Create email list and send them newsletter.

Many people are creating email list by giving free e-books or free courses to the readers .have that while creating post Vincent news letters to the readers through many people don’t see the email but the reality is most of the people not checking the email in but the reality is most of the people check their email 2 to 3 times in a day.You don’t need to send  emails to each and every readers there are many tools available in the internet  for email marketing. I use  MailChimp to do email marketing . There are many other tools for also available on the internet for email marketing. If you use mailchimp you can create email list up to 2000 for free. For beginners 2000 is more than sufficient to them. Do you want to know how to create a email list. Click hear.

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