How to create content

How to create content . If you are reading this right now you may have a blog and you are lagging in making high quality content . In this article we are going to see how you can make a high quality content step by step. 

I think you have already created a blog if not check our previous blog “How to start a blog in 2019”

Research on topic before you start writing

Look at the content of others in your niche .Take some  points from them and make it better by adding your thoughts. While looking others content don’t copy paste the exact sentence in their blog. Read others blog and present it in your own way. Research on keywords before start writing .Don’t target on keywords which has no search volume .You can search in Google trends .

Don’t just write a content provide some values to your readers

Don’t just write the content direction values .You can add values by adding some external links to your content .Adding external link which we are talking about will be a piece of cake to your readers .It will add some values in your content .Add your previous blog post in your blog so that they can check it easily .It’s seems a small task for you but it will add some values to your blog. You can also upload  videos regarding the topic .

Read more to write more

  If you  don’t know how to write don’t worry read more articles in your niche. so that you will get a little bit into the topic.if you are reading many blocks regularly you will get ideas .Read least a book in a week. Even I am not a good writer at the starting stage. But I read books and blogs regularly. So that now I can write content in any topic. If I am able to improve myself why can’t you do it . Download lose heart keep working .

Satisfy yourself first

Now if you are done with your  content, Read 2 to 3 times. Consider that as a content when it gives a  satisfaction to you .If  You didn’t get satisfaction how your readers will get satisfaction. The content didn’t give a satisfaction to you don’t  post. Not only for writing content if you are doing anything you should be satisfied first. You should say this content is good. If the content is not good make some changes to appeal better. Don’t worry if your first content is not good. Improve yourself and write regularly after a month you will be e an expert in developing the content.

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