How to choose a good blog name

How to choose a good blog name .One of the most important step in starting a blog is choosing a good blog name.

Any new bloggers choose a random name too quickly.Then start register domain name and start publishing the content. After few months or after a year they  realize that their blog name is not right. Your blog name should represent your niche. In this article we are going to see step by step the process of choosing a good blog name .How to start a blog.

Don’t rush

The name of your blog should be  permanent. So You should consider all the options when choosing a blog name and be 100% sure that you have found the perfect name.If you are changing the name later,you need to change the domain name . Changing the domain name not tell miss you task . Your direct traffic will decrease if you change your domaine also need to change your name from social media. So while selecting your name don’t rush.

Don’t choose specific name

 Suppose you are creating food blog and your blog name is American foods .After one  or two years you need to expand your niche . And you are going to create content about foods all over the world. Now the blog name American foods will be a disadvantage for your blog. So don’t choose a specific name. If you choose a specific name you will suffer after one or two years.

Using your personal name

You may also want to think twice about using your personal name in the domain. It could make sense if you’re a writer and you want to promote your books.

Don’t use number or specific character.

If you are using  numbers or special characters your readers will not be able to remember your blog name. Your blog name should be easy to remember. So that the readers will come to your blog again and again.Don’t use ‘ the ‘ before your blog name.

Use name generating tools

There are many free tools available in internet generate brand name. Use those tools to generate your blog name. You will get an idea while using these tools.  you will get an idea. With that idea you create  your blog name.Some of the  name generating tools are Name Mesh,Lean Domain Search,Thesaurus .one of the name generating tool is Namecheap.

Ask others

 Select one or two  names ask your friends and family members to vote for any one from it . Select the name by majority people  have selected.

Check the availability

As soon as you find  a good blog name , it’s best to check the domain name availability. Lots of domain names are not available nowadays.A good place find domine name avalibilty is Namecheap. If your domain name is  not available. Don’t worry try  to make alterations in your blog name.

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