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Most people don’t use email marketing and their blogs on the starting stage. The  fact is email list is like asserts for the bloggers.

Its a effective way to generate traffic to your website. If you are using email marketing then you are bringing your reader again by  sending newsletter .In this post we are going to see step by step process of  setting up your email marketing funnel . If you are reading this you may have a blog or a website .If not check out our blog “How to start A Blog”

What is email marketing?

It is a digital marketing strategist of sending emails to the readers  make them read our new blog post . What is the process of making our one time reader into subscriber.

How to get started in email marketing?

Getting started building email list is not  a overnight process it’s a step by step process.choosing a right email marketing service .There are many companies offering email marketing service .l use mailchimp for email marketing.

list building

List building is not like for adding a form on your website and people will sign in. This concept won’t work for list building. You grow your email list , you need to to give them some values. You need to generate a lead

How to generate a lead?

You should give something for free in exchange of their email. It doesn’t cost you anything create a free material. You  can give them material such as PDF , podcast, videos that are created by yourself at a minimum or low cost. It can be anything, It has to provide some values for your readers for free.Some of the example lead generators are E-book,Courses,Blueprints,Coupon,Case studies.“Make money on kindle publishing”

Sending newsletters.

While sending newsletter you should be  very careful. In most of the cases people will forgot their sign up in your website. You should remind them about their sign up in your website otherwise they will mark you as spam mail. Make sure everyone remembers you. Use same theme same colour same font type in your newsletter. “Make money as freelancer”

How to make people remembers you?

Send at least one mail in the month. Sending at least one mail a week is welcomed. Use newsletter instead of text content.Your newsletter should be short and sweet. “How to close any sales”.

Respond to your subscribers

 If you are creating list from beginning you have enough time to respond your subscribers. You can’t response to the  subscribers once your getting more than 100 subscribers a day. Most of the developed websites use auto response to respond their subscribers. Auto response will be previously scheduled . You can schedule this in your email marketing platform itself.

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