Creative Ways to Make Money Fast

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Take paid surveys with Survey Junkie

Companies only want from you to understand that the consumers better in this or not, and one way they do that is by compensating survey-takers. Websites like Survey Junkie ids the best which will pay you money according to the survey of change for the low-maintenance, borderline mindless task of completing surveys.

When you sign up for an account in the Survey Junkie they will ask you a few questions. They want to know about your interests and shopping habits so they can match you with surveys and sell it to the company to pay you are applicable to you. Answer as accurately as possible to ensure you’re eligible for the surveys they send you.

Survey Junkie adds are the best new surveys every day, which means you’ll want to circle back frequently to see if there are newly available surveys. You don’t think you can be rich by taking surveys, but they are a legitimate way to earn a few bucks with very little effort. Which you have earned points that only can be redeemed to cash via PayPal.

How much does it pay? Variable. You can be able to earn between $0.25-$3 per completed survey.

 Get paid to test products

Another market research company is also the best Pinecone Research polls consumers about products on behalf of larger companies looking for answers.

But, with Pinecone Research in this there are two distinct twists:

Pinecone will occasionally send products to your home for you to use and test and tell them that it is good or bad. This is all brand-dependent they send but often, they also want a quality-review, they’ll let you keep the product rather than send it back. Free product + get paid to review it? Alright for us.

Even without occasional free products by mail they send and Pinecone offers a robust payout method for survey takers that is unmatched in the survey industry. Every completed survey earns you exactly $3. You can take Cash when it is $3, $5, or $15 increments and expect a check or PayPal deposit in 3-5 days.

How much does it pay? Variable. $3 per completed review. Occasional free products by mail.

Flip and sell textbooks for a profit with BookScouter

Textbooks cost hundreds of dollars. It is not so uncommon for engineering and healthcare-related books to come in just below $1,000.

But with the high cost of textbooks is the bests opportunity for you. Flipping them for profit. By using a service like BookScouter which is best you can instantly compare book prices across 44 different vendors. You can pick the one offers which is the best price and voila. Book sold.

If you are a student then this is best for you so try to offload books at the end of each semester, this is a sure-fire way to get the most for your books that you are instead of going with whatever price the local bookstore gives you).

If you’re a savvy entrepreneur, you can make cash offers to students you see in Facebook groups, Craigslist, or yard-sale groups, and then flip the books online for a profit. You may not make thousands of money with this but running an ISBN through BookScouter’s tool only takes seconds and with this, you can earn decent money and if you see this is as an opportunity to flip a book for profit, take it.

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