Best budget apps for college students

If you are searching for Best budget apps for college students you have come to the right place. Why budget is important for college students? Imagine you’re staying in the college hostel and you hate hostel food so, you wanted to go out and have some good food or you have to buy food for your friends as your birthday treat, it becomes a big challenge for you to buy food, whatever it is we have to pay our bills, like mess bill, stationery bill and many other bills as per the college, and some money for you to hang out with friends during the weekends. That’s why it’s necessary for all the college students to stick on a budget.

Following a budget doesn’t seem to be so easy. But you can learn how to manage your debts. It helps you to maintain a spending habit where you can develop your future financial plans.

Don’t know where to start? Throw your worries out, you can start it with the use of budgeting apps. This article will help you find the best budgeting apps for the college students.

Before knowing about the budgeting apps lets know about Budgeting. What is Budgeting? The process of planning how to spend your money is said to be budgeting. If you are under debt, you can plan a budget or you can plan on how you spend your money, which will help you keep out of debt. Want to know more about the budget then read our article “How To Make A budget?”These budget apps are very use full for college students. I have made research and mansion everything in this article.

The Best Budget Apps

 Each and everyone in this technical world wants to improve our savings and our financial plants for a defined period, so that one word has taken an observance by dropping a stream of financial tools to lend hands for us. Are you looking for the best budget apps? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place to know about the best budget apps, I have listed five best budget apps where you can find a better solution. Read this full article to know more about the five best budget apps.

1. Mint

Safety is a concern when we deal with any financial app especially when you link your bank account and your financial information which is private. Mint, a free budgeting app that sings your bank account, credit cards, pay pal accounts, and other accounts.

This app helps you in tracking the incoming and outgoing money, it gives you a free credit source and also remind you when you go over your budgets, this app can also track your bills and it provides you alerts to ensure that you pay your bills on time without any delay. You can use this app in an online version using the link smartphones can also be used, the app is available for IOS, Android, Microsoft and window devices, that helps you to manage budgets by giving information from bank account bills credit or debit cards and PayPal account and other accounts, to track how much money you have spent and how much you have taken in.

Track your loans and investments through the app sometimes, we all have very bad memory power, if you are that kind of person, you don’t remember the last transaction you did? it will help you it can download several months of data from accounts including your transactions. It will get you a more in-depth analysis of the transaction.

unique features: It is helpful in personal finance such as budgeting, tracking transactions, categorization, and bill reminders. It is an ease of use.

2. Acorns

Acorns, a smartphone app that round up the amount you spend to the nearest dollar and invest that difference. You can link your credit card account and other checking account and the rest will be done by the Acorn app. This is a micro saving app and it makes investing more easier because you will spend only pennies.

The Acorn app targets the younger tech-savvy generation. The experience of the investment can be created and managed using a smartphone. They also made it even easier for you by presenting a web-based version for desktop and portable users. This app serves as a great starting point for someone, who has not yet invested or if you need some guidance in the beginning. It doesn’t require a minimum deposit to start the service. It’s free so you can easily use it as a college student. Want to create an emergency fund then read our blog”Emergency Fund

This app targets the younger generation with a great deal. There are no fees on any core accounts of any size. All that you need is a valid education address and your employment status as a student up to four years from the registration date.

unique features: It helps you in a painless way to save your investment, it hides the complexities of investing, you can start investing without no money and it is free for the college students.

3. PocketGuard

Pocket Guard, a personal information management service, which helps you to track the amount that, you spend and it also helps you to create your budget and lower your expenses. It also monitors the unwanted and authorized charges that you pay. This app includes hidden fees, billing errors, the subscriptions that you have forgotten, the scams, and the frauds that are happening in your account, which your not aware of.

This app is available in the App Store and Google app and it is currently available only in the US and Canada because they have a plan to expand this internationally in the future. You can link your bank accounts, credit cards, investments, and loan accounts so that your entire financial details will be stored in this app.

Your transaction will be updated and characterized in a period of time. It helps you by giving an opportunity to track where your money goes and how you can save your money. It helps you know how much money is left after paying all your bills and help you in saving money.

unique features: This app helps you find your savings. It helps you control your spending limit. It builds a budget based on your income, your debts and your future planned and financial goals.

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4. Wally

Wally keeps all your financial paper works in one place. You can just simply enter your incoming and outgoing funds. Wally will track all the information, which helps you to stay on your own budget. If you want to keep the tracks of your expenses and if you wish to have your recorded receipts. You can give your information in the app. If you are not comfortable sharing your banking data, you can make use of this wally. You can also review your past and upcoming payments. You can also create an account for family expenses with this app.

unique features: This valley apps centralizers all your accounts which helps you to learn about finance. It makes you clear how to manage and improve your finances.

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5. Every Dollar

Every dollar budget app is a good choice if you are in search of simple and back to basics budgeting software. There is a free version available for you which lets you enter your transactions by yourself. Every dollar app has several unique selling points which makes it a good option for you. Finance Guru Dave Ramsey created this app. Every dollar helps you in making the budgeting process easier and finding financial freedom. This app is focused on being a budgeting software. It was created in order to help you get your money. It is a user-friendly interface and it is also easy on the eye.

unique features: This app is easy to use and it focuses on only budgeting. It doesn’t strive to do wealth management or investing. It is suitable for those who do new budgeting and if you need to get your finances organized.

6.Personal Capital

Personal Capital is app which is combined with online financial advisor and robo- advisor algorithms which has an access with the human financial advisors for personal experiences. Inorderto get assigned with two dedicated financial advisors, this service requires a minimum investment of $100,000, also it requires an account balance of $200,000 or more.

The Personal Capital’s fee always comes with an uncontrollable financial and investment planning tools, where it has the ability to link your accounts, it also helps you to track the amount you spend, the value of the financial assets, the performance of your invested money, your retirement progress and your fees. Your retirement paycheck feature will help you to plan your withdrawals with the tax- optimized withdrawal strategies.

Unique features: This app has a high financial investors. It can optimize the taxes, it has free financial management tools in order to help you with different abilities. It helps you to give access to a human financial advisors.

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Dollar bird app is a free budgeting app that is cloud-based where you can access this app through your desktops, Android mobiles, or iPhone mobiles. This helps you to track your past, present, and future expenses that we spend in our day to day life by dividing them into few categories like groceries, rent, utilities, bills, and other expenses in a calendar format.

This app is safe for people who are afraid to share their financial information because this app doesn’t connect to your personal bank account.

Unique features: It helps you track your investments in a calendar format based on personal finance. You can see where your money goes and how your balance is maintained. It helps you find the right plan.


The mission of LearnVest is to afford and help you with a financial plan which is easy to access. The financial plan is overwhelmed and it shows you that anyone can start their future plans without any limit. The Robo-advisor helps you to save your budget easily with more convenience. It provides you support from the financial planners. You’ll be paired with someone who is meant to work for your interest, who is also known as the dedicated financial advisor will help you with your financial plans and needs. You can get a better financial future with the help of these tools and guidance given by the financial advisors.

LearnVest provides you many tools for financial planning without charges. It helps you to create your budget and track your budget transactions by connecting your account. It provides you free financial check-up service, which can decide our financial standing. Don’t connect your accounts to access your financial tools. This app provides you a manual option, where you can manually get your information without any accuracy.

Unique features: This allows you to take better control of your finances with personalized financial planning experiences. The financial planner helps you to take up many financial challenges to reach your short-term goals.


Receipts and shipping information of the online purchase details are stored in one place. It helps you to track your delivery truck when you’re out of the live campus by sending you a notification whenever your package is shipped. The entire details of your purchase history is stored inorder to help you upload all the details in a budgeting app at once. This app is free for both Ios and android users. The email to which your online shopping receipt are sent is connected to this account.

Unique features: Slice helps you track your exact package delivery date. Online shopping returns will be easier for you with the help of this app. It also helps you to save more money using slide deals.

10. Check

It may be tough for you to track the bill payments for the first time when it comes to college students. It is used for bill payments and tracking the bills. If you’re really an ambitious person you can directly pay the bills from this app without making any delay and you can even track your investments.

11.CheckPlease Lite

This app was built by keeping thoughts on the college students in the mind and it is a straight forward app. CheckPlease Lite helps you to split bills in many ways, if you’re in a large group. The tips are being calculated and your bills are split up in 100 ways.


The main budget is displayed in the form of pie chart, whereas the transaction list is displayed on the other screen. It is a pared-down and straight forward app. The app is nothing less and nothing more which means your budget is accessible in your own pocket.


School students have no problem in buying textbooks because it will be issued in the school. Then what about college students? Yes, you have to spend a lot of money on your textbooks that you get from the bookstores. You can order your book from the retail website for the lowest price when compared to the other online stores, by giving the ISBN number, author name, or the title of the book that you want.

14.PayPal Mobile

Are you owed to your friend for $30 but you don’t have the amount in your hand, your friend is in an emergency they want the money back, what will you do? Here is a better solution for it, this app will help you to repay your friend from the place where you are. If you and your friend have a PayPal account, you can make transaction of any size. This app can be used to pay online payments in restaurants, bars, or any other shops.


YNAB- You Need A Budget, which deals with the real-life financial struggles was started by a CPA named Jesse Mecham in order to help his wife, Julie. This is their own budget app which worked for them. As it worked well than the other popular budget apps they made it a public app where it will be useful for the other people.

This app gives you some instructional support to help you with the root causes of financial distress rather than offering the mechanics of monitoring income and the other expenses.

Ynab is web-based and it automates your budget. The app has launched its new version which allows you to learn how it works by taking live online courses.

Unique feature: It is a web-based app and doesn’t require any dropbox access, you can directly import your transactions into YNBA from your bank. It helps you to reach your goal with the budgeting recommendations.

How to use ynab?

As you saw earlier about the ynab app, let’s see how it works and how it is useful for you? You know that ynab is a web-based budget app. You know what this app provides you some extra helpful help guides which includes both written and video instruction.

They provide you a user handbook to make you understand how it works and what are the works done by the app. Also, it offers you a transition guide to help you in making changes into a new version. There is a guide called the think low, act now guide which helps you to focus on your goals. Another guide known as age your money and extend helps you to create a separate room for your financial life to save the money and to control your expenses. The main idea of this guide is to bring you into a permanent control of your money.

The three rules

This app’s strategy is built using three rules which help you to save money and get out of your depts. The three rules are

  • give every dollar a job
  • embrace your true expenses and
  • roll with punches

Rule number 1 give every dollar a job is to make you hold on to each dollar in your budget and it must be distributed for certain purposes. This rule’s idea is to avoid you from spending money on useless things and make you understand the purpose of spending money.

Rule number 2 is to embrace your true expenses, which helps you to smoothen your budget by taking up large and less frequent expenses and to pay the funds on a monthly basis. This rule includes the budgets for your premium insurance, your vacations, your major holidays and your birthday expenses. The basic YNAB philosophies acts as your real stress buster.

The last rule is to roll with the punches, which makes you clear about the events that crop up in your life and take you off from your financial game. You may overspend on many things in a period of time, so this rule shows you how to roll on with it when you’re under a difficult situation.

Ynab student

why college students go into debt? Imagine if your friend’s car breaks down and they are in need of some cash, you give them some amount so they will be in debt. In the same way if you borrow some cash from your friend for your personal financial problems you will be under debt.

So you young college fellows, sign in with ynab for a year, for free of cost, which gives you a better lifestyle. You’ll be forever grateful for your future financial stability and self-security.

Ynab age of money

Ynab age of money shows how long your dollars have been in a possession before you spend those dollars. For example, if your money is 14 days old that shows the amount you have spent in the last two weeks.

If you are inclined to age your money when you have worked hard to overcome many financial struggles in order to maintain a budget.

When it comes to the age of money it doesn’t seem to be right or wrong. It depends upon the comfort level that you have and your circumstances. The only goal you have to remember is to improve your life.

Some other tips

Budget Calendar

Calendar can manage the schedules easily. It helps us to remember the important dates like doctor appointments, meetings, birthdays, bill payments, and many other schedules.

But what is the budget calendar?

A calendar that tracks all your payment details and dates to know. How much money we have spent and how much we have saved in a particular month. The budget calendar includes your income, your bills, and your contribution towards your savings.

Budget Management

A tool used by the managers to plan and control the use of other resources is said to be budget. The budget shows the plan of the company’s objectives and how the management acquires some resources to gain many objectives.

The process which involves a budgeting plan for the future profits used in a primary objective. The company earn a reasonable return on the other resources. Most of the business process has a blueprint for the foreseeable actions and events that are about to occur.

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