Affiliate marketing without a website

Is Affiliate marketing without a website possible? Yes, I will teach you the steps to make money on affiliate marketing without a website.

If you have your own website you are your own boss. You have full access to your website. If you are starting on other platforms then you don’t have full access. But don’t worry if you are a beginner in making money and you don’t have money. You can start for free and earn money after that you can start a website. I have mentioned some of the platforms below. You can start it for free.

Make Money on Affiliate Marketing

Facebook affiliate marketing

Selling products on Facebook is very easy. All you should need is a Facebook page. You know creating a Facebook page is very easy. As an affiliate marketer, you should choose the niche which you like the most. For example, if you like bikes you can start a spare parts facebook page and can sell spare parts of bikes.

There are many Facebook group which already have more followers you can join that group and promote your affiliate products.we can also promote our product through Facebook ads. You should not just post the link to the product in the advertisement. It won’t get more clicks if you just add the links.

Affiliate marketing Instagram

Instagram is one of the best social media. The engagement of Instagram is very higher than other social media. But Instagram does not allow you to put your affiliate link in each can post an image video or image on the post and in the description you can put links in bio. For a normal business account you can put one link in the bio.

You may think what are the other methods to make affiliate marketing through Instagram. For that, you need at least 10000 followers. If you attain 10000 followers you will get swipe up options on can add links on stories and make it as highlights. So that anyone can click it at any time. Make Money On Instagram.

Write a bestselling e-book

writing a best selling e book is also a method of promoting your affiliate link.It looks like easy but you need to work hard to make it possible.There are many steps you should do before writing a e book.

You should research more about what people are searching and what people want to read.Google trends is one of the best tool to research on what people are searching.

Suppose if you are going to promote fitness products. You need to research on that topic. Provide valuable content. Include the affiliate link in the bio. If people like your content definitely people are going to click the affiliate links and purchase the products.

Its one of the best way you can make affiliate marketing without a website.

Make money on kindle publishing

Affiliate marketing on pinterest

Pinterest is a great source of traffic. You need to recommend the product or service. When your followers clicks and buys the product or services you will get a commission. Many bloggers and affiliate marketers use Pinterest to gain more traffic. You don’t need to do more. In pin you should add affiliate link. In Pinterest

Best budget apps for college students

pay per click affiliate marketing

It is one of the best ways to convert lots of people. As it is the best way the risk is also high when compared to other ways. The most popular platforms for pay per click are google ads and Facebook ads. When you don’t have a website you should your affiliate platform directly. If the conversion of the platform is too low you should invest a lot of money.

You-tube affiliate links

If you want to make money without having a website. I will always suggest you you-tube is the best way. You can see many you-tube channels giving reviews about products or services. In the description of the video you can see their affiliate links. If people click the link and purchase the product or services the will get some commission.

You can also earn from Google Adsense. Many people are using this wonderful platform as it is the second largest search engine. Many people from my friend itself will see videos instead of reading blogs and books. You can use this opportunity. You can also add your blog link in your youtube description. So that you can get traffic to your website.

Make Money on YouTube

who regulates affiliate marketing

Some government regulates affiliate marketing.There are some rules and regulations for this.It may vary for state to state.

what is EPC in affiliate marketing?

EPC in affiliate marketing is Earning per click. Google Adsense is also earning per click. Advertisements will be displayed in a blog or website. when people click that advertisement you will get a commission. It is also called pay per click.

Some FAQ for you

How do pay per click affiliate marketing?

In pay per click you will be paid according to clicks. Advertisements will be placed on your website or blog. When visitors click those ads you will get a small commission. There are many companies for PPC.

What is direct linking in affiliate marketing?

Direct linking is directly generating traffic to the affiliate website. For direct linking you don’t need to have a website. Instead of designing a website and work on that you are creating traffic to that affiliate company.

Why affiliate marketing does not work?

Many people think that Affiliate Marketing is very easy. They use to start it and work for one month. If they didn’t earn anything they close that affiliate marketing business and start doing something. Many people are not considering affiliate marketing as their business. If you are not conceder as it as a business you won’t take it as serious. Take it seriously. work hard. Don’t give up until you reach success. It’s not an overnight process. It takes some time to get some decent income from affiliate marketing.


I have mentioned some of the free methods of starting affiliate marketing methods without a website. There are also some other methods which I may not explained above. Choose one or two methods.If you have a website you will have the full access of your website. But in the starting stage, you can try the free methods. If you learn more and implement it you can succeed more. All the best.

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