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Are you looking for the best review of A2 Hosting? Here you go, with this article filled with lots of information to make you clear about A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting, well known for its high powered and easy-to-use web hosting was founded by Bryan Muthig in 2001 under the original name of Iniquinet. A2’s main goal is to create and maintain a good web hosting company where the staff can use it themselves. It also offers free solid-state drives, unlimited data storage and transfer, free site migration which loads more. It can handle some clients to help them.

They changed the name as A2 hosting, after the name of the town Ann Arbor, Michigan, where all started. Do You know? For the past 24 months, A2 Hosting has delivered the fastest sever speed since 2001. To know about their customer support, they are the best and they have good developer-friendly hosting plans and they have a unique feature as an anytime money-back guarantee.

After your first purchase period ends the renewal rates are pretty aggressive. If you are looking for a fast web hosting service at the cheapest price where it has the ability to scale your website once it grows. A2 hosting acts as a very good option.

Let’s go for an in-depth information of A2 Hosting’s Pros and Cons after signing up and paying.

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Have you heard about the best under-the-radar hosting companies? A2 Hosting is one of the best among the under-the-radar hosting companies.

A2 Hosting has an excellent speed server and you can contact their customer service for any queries because they have a friendly customer service to help you out, they have so many security features where you can use it to safeguard your website, they are very environmentally conscious, also they have some policies for the refund process.

Let’s see one by one, so you can understand yourself.

Fastest Hosting Provider

The designed features in this app make your site extremely fast. The names of the pricing plans are also related to the speed. As our testing reveals, A2 hosting acts as the fastest shared hosting provider for several years.

Customer Support

A2 Hosting has a very friendly and efficient customer support and it provides hundreds of articles based on their knowledge. We cannot stick on to the article for more information, and if you wanted to get help in an interactive way, you can prefer speaking to a human, they offer everything from chat to phone to ticket-based.

Hackscan- Safe Site

As extra scanning, firewalls also known as the layers of encryption often slow down, so the online, speed, and security will never go well together.

If the balls are not dropped on the security A2 Hosting manages a speed which is compared with the speed of the lightning. The servers of A2 hosting are protected by a 24/7 monitoring service called Hackscan which scans to protect the damage caused to the computer or the server and the other day-in and day-out attacks.

If you want to keep your sites safe, you have to prevent the issues before it breaks out.

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Money-back Guarantee

A2 Hosting provides the standard 30-day money-back guarantee like the other reviewed hosts. If you find any problems or issues within the first 30 days, you can get a complete refund of your payment, no questions will be asked.

It has modified their policies in a few years.

Now A2 offers this anytime money-back guarantee. Imagine if you’re prepaying for three years to get the best deal and you are not satisfied with the deal after the first year, you can ask for a refund and you can receive the amount back for the time which is remaining.

PayPal will issue the refund request asked for the first 120 days. Additional services like the domain registrations, setup or migration fees are not refundable.


Do you want to know which web hosting provider is better, SiteGround, or A2 hosting? Both are popular web hosting providers on the market. But which is superior?

Before knowing which is superior to the SiteGround or A2 Hosting, let’s know something about the SiteGround.

SiteGround, an officially recommended web hosting provider by WordPress.org. they have the best WordPress support teams in the industry for 24/7. They give you some best offers like automatic upgrades, built-in WP caching, CDN, 1-click staging, and GIT version control.

It is one of the few hosting companies which allows you to choose your preferred data center location while signing up for the hosting service. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to test their services.

SiteGround provides some of the speed technologies like NGINX, HTTP/2, PHP7, and CDN to speed the performance of your website. Whereas, A2 Hosting allows you to choose the Turbo servers when you sign up. It also provides a drop-in Apache replacement which can speed up your site performance by 20 times.

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How to Host a Website?:

Learning about the website is not a big deal, you must know how to host it. Let’s see how to host a website. The first thing you wanted to do to host a website is, decide what type of website you want, you will find two types of websites static or basic websites and dynamic websites.

Static websites

Static websites are websites with one or more web pages. Also it helps you to build your computer with the help of the software like Dreamweaver, you can make use of the FTP software, also you can upload the pages to your host’s server.

Dynamic websites

The dynamic websites contain some information that changes depending on the time of the day, the viewers, and the other factors. Both the client-side and server-side scripts helps you to create and update content.

The second thing is you have to choose your hosting server. If you take the web applications, there are two types of hosting platforms. You can choose it according to your hosting needs and which makes you more comfortable.

What are the two types of hosting platforms?

Linux hosting and Windows Hosting. Linux Hosting allows you to run your scripts written in PHP, Perl, Python, and the other languages as Unix- Originated. It often supports databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL. The Windows Hosting allows you to run the ASP scripts. The Microsoft Server and Access databases supports the NET and other Microsoft Technologies.

Web hosting plan

The third step is you have to select your web hosting plan. Wide range of services like Shared hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Cloud Hosting are available.

Shared Hosting is used to share the physical server with the other website owners. This hosting is affordable, the cost of the operating server is shared between the website owners and you. VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting is used to store all the websites in a powerful server which is divided into several compartments. Dedicated Hosting offers you an entire server for yourself by making it faster, secure, and costlier. It acts as an ideal solution for business and high traffic websites. It allows the maximum number of customization, configuration, installation, and flexibility. Cloud hosting helps you to work together to host a website or a group of websites with the help of multiple virtual servers. It works as a great option for the websites which are larger and which includes e-commerce websites, newsletters, and blogs.

Step four is to change your DNS address. You can purchase your web hosting you will get Name servers known as Domain name Servers or DNS. Which is equal to a phone book that contains IP Addresses. Inorder to make up your website and start working you have to change the name servers of your domain.

Step five is to Upload Your Website. Upload your website to your account by connecting it to the server, using cPanel’s file manager or FTP Client, your website will go on live.

A2 Hosting Login

To login to the A2 Hosting, follow the given steps:

1 Step : Use your web browser to go to the link https://my.a2hosting.com

You will get a dialog box as Manage Your Account.

2 Step : Under Manage Your Account, click Secure Client Login.

The Login page appears on your screen.

3 Step : Type your mail address associated with the A2 Hosting account in the Email address text box.

4 step: Account password should be in the password text box.

5 Step : Inorder to remember your login details next time, you have to access the Customer Portal and click on the Remember me checkbox

6 Step : Click Login. The Client’s area appears.

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