10 Steps to Start Amazon Micro Niche Site & Earn Passive Income in 2020

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Making money on the internet is, well, the easiest task ever, if you are willing to put efforts on a regular basis. All you have to need is around is to follow this guide and voila, you are on your way to making decent passive income online. No, we are not talking here about the freelancing or selling goods soi keep reading, we are talking about the Amazon affiliate micro niche website that is one blessing of the internet out of the millions.

10 best Steps to Start Amazon Affiliate Micro Niche Site

As a matter of fact, Amazon needs only need to you is no introduction. However, Amazon Affiliate is kind of a new thing that is best platform for you for the novice in the business. It is kind of an opportunity for the bloggers, tech reviewers and even the new ones to sell someone else’s products and make money in the form of commissions, which are also known as amazon affiliate commissions or affiliate fee.

1: Pick Your Micro Niche

Picking the right niche is the thing that needs to be done right. Since you are going to be reviewing the products and recommending them on your blog, so you need to select the niche that is diverse in nature and has got potential. Start by going with the topic that you are passionate about – books, pets, smartphones and technology thingy can do the trick. Choose the high price items so that you can earn more money.

2: Choose Your Domain Name

You need to go for a name that makes it keyword rich. You can do a little research on the keywords and see which keyword is trending the most and through which word people will find your site. Be specific and clever.

3: Register Your Domain Name

After choosing your domain name, the next step is registering it. If you are technically inclined, you can do it on your own, otherwise, you can pay us to get the domain on your behalf. We can handle all the process effectively.

4: Set Up Your Managed Web Hosting Account

This is where you can get burdened. It will cost you some money, but don’t worry as most of the companies will do it for you and at the affordable rates. Do take it as part of an investment for your business. We recommend getting web hosting from best-managed web-hosting providers, as their support and updates are very speedy. Link your domain with a web hosting account. DNS propagation could take a while.

5: Install WordPress on Web Hosting

WordPress is the next thing you need to have on your domain. It will give all the structure to your site which is very best for your site that it needs plus, it will allow you to add content easily along with a ton of many useful features. Do check out the tutorial to Install WordPress on SiteGround.

6: Create the Amazon Micro Niche Site

Set your website up by making it pretty, and give so much valuable content choose the right WordPress theme and adding up categories. This will allow the users to find the thing that they are looking for, effortlessly. We also recommend using WordPress Cache Plugins and Best Content Delivery Network (CDN) to optimize the speed of your micro-niche amazon affiliate site.

7: Sign Up as an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Associate is completely free and easy to use which pays you in your bank directly. You need to get your website set up already in order to join the Amazon Affiliate Program. However, if you don’t have any content there yet. Amazon reviews the site manually before approval. So only apply, when your site’s content is up to date. We have reviewed the best amazon affiliate WordPress plugins, they will ease up your smart work. Also, make sure to check out Terms & Conditions for Amazon Affiliate Program and its Commission Structure or Fee Schedule.

8: Create Your Blog and Link It Up

The next you have to do is to create a step is to create a blog, write up the content for your micro-niche products and link it up with the Amazon Associate site using your associate account. Amazon offers a variety of options to create links and reviews. However, we will recommend you to use amazon affiliate WordPress plugins.

9: Promote Your Site

Promoting your site is the next step after creating blogs and content. You can do it by creating viral content, video content, regular content updates, and most importantly doing the SEO in the right way.

10: You are Ready to Earn Passive Income with Amazon Micro Niche Affiliate Site

That’s it. You are now ready to earn a fortune without investing much with your amazon micro niche affiliate website. Please note that this process takes time to rank your amazon affiliate micro-niche site on Google Search Engine. Once you are ranked with the usage of best content + marketing strategies, you will be able to earn up to $2500 or more, on a monthly basis. You will be able to withdraw your Amazon Affiliate Earnings through a Bank Account or a Check.

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